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Everton 2 - Leicester 1, positives and negatives, player ratings and match report



The blow of losing Riyad Mahrez for this game was massive, despite starting well in the first 20 minutes, but the marking of Theo Walcott was a bit forgotten by Ben Chilwell

To see City fielding a side without Riyad Mahrez is a real blow. Why couldn't he play and was this a type of boicot. His move to Man City never happened and what will be the end of this terrible situation, really a shame and just showing where this game is going.

The other City players started the game well, but Demarai Gray is not Riyad Mahrez and the gap left by the Algerian international is huge, so huge that at the moment no other player can fill it, that's why his value is so high.

City had a huge chance from and Ndidi header but the ball hit the bar, and it was close, but no goal.

After the first 20 minutes it was just Everton 100 %, and especially the right side was impressive. Seamus Coleman is one of the best right backs in the Premier League and his return was seen, so was the new man Theo Walcott who started his Everton career in a splended way.

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Everton has struggled over the last two months, not being able to bring in the points wanted, but today they looked really sharp and with two goals from Theo Walcott, both goals must be seen as badly defending from especially Ben Chilwell, who should have been more alert.

City made no changes after the first half break, despite playing badly in periods and especially the two England U.21 internationals, Demarai Gray and Ben Chilwell looked a bit of the pace.

An attack from Wayne Rooney on Wilfred Ndidi was a clear penalty and Jamie Vardy converted it from the spot, well placed to the left.

Puel made two more changes later on in the 2nd half, with 15 minutes left, that really made City put pressure on Everton, with Iheanacho hitting the crossbar twice.

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Puel managed to get City back on track in the 2nd half and City were close to bring home a point. Good to see that in a game that looked lost after first half. The clean up in the squad, the Mahrez situation and not knowing what happens, makes things a bit difficult.

Everton made a number of crucial changes late in the 2nd half and Big Sam and Little Sam did well and City never managed to come back, Everton won the game 2-1 and must be credited for fighting well and really the big name was Theo Walcott with his two goals.

Leicester will play Swansea at home in their next game on Saturday, hopefully Puel and his men will be back on winning ways, and we just have to wait and see what happens with Mahrez, but hopefully he can come back and bring in the quality needed to win.

A great start, and getting back from being 2-0 down after first half,
Diabate making his Premier League debut
Iheanacho getting closer and closer to a goal in the Premier League
Leicester with 52 % posession away from home
Well taken Vardy penalty

Yellow cards to Ndidi and Albrighton
No points, should probably managed one
Puel letting unexperienced Chilwell play agains Walcott, should have started Fuchs in this type of game
Mahrez situation, a disgrace and difficult to accept
Gray totally out of it, should start performing on a much higher level, not really defending a place in the team
Very little or no real finishing in front of goal

Player ratings:
Schmeichel 7, Amartey 5, Chilwell 4, Maguire 6, Dragovic 6, James 5, Ndidi 6, Gray 3, Albrighton 6, Vardy 6, Okazaki 4
Subs: Diabate, Fuchs, Iheanacho

Match Stats:
Possession: 48 % / 52 %
Corners: 2 / 1
Shots on target: 2 / 1
Shots wide: 6 / 1
Fouls: 8 / 10
Offsides: 3 / 0

You can watch interviews and news updates at "city-extra" and don't miss out the latest from "tcfone" and "retrotv". 

You can watch interviews and news updates at "city-extra" and don't miss out the latest from "tcfone" and "retrotv". 

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