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Leicester 2 - Fleetwood 0, positives and negatives, player ratings and match report



Tuesday night football, FA Cup replay, VAR introduction and Vardy also coming in and playing against his former club, which he did not in the first game, but Kelechi Iheanacho is the one grabbing the headlines

Fleetwood made a few attempts in the start of the game, but Claude Puel had again composed a team who in set up where strongly competetive, playing Riyad Mahrez in the team, meaning he could do the difference.

Former fox Cian Bolger showed his quality from start and his presence was there to see. He is a clever defender and one who where highly rated at Leicester, and showed today that he probably could play at a higher level.

Leicester were the better team as the game progressed, but City fans had to wait until the end of the first half before Islam Slimani found Kelechi Iheanacho with a perfect pass and the Nigerian international scored easilly coming alone with the Fleetwood goalkeeper.

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The lead came at a perfect time in the first half so close to the end, and that would bring Fleetwood out of their own penalty box and hopefully give more oppertunities to score on either breaking down the Fleetwood attacks and counter attack.

But with players such as Silva and Iborra in the engine room, you get a different game, as they pass more to the side than trying to hit the ball in the striking direction. The way Silva and Iborra distribute makes it possible for Mahrez and Gray to make more attempts to go forward.

This type of style also makes it possible to keep the ball more and be the team with possession as today showd clearly and as we experienced against Chelsea, so this is the new Leicester under Claude Puel.

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The VAR (Video Referee Assistant) was in action a couple of times, and it's great to see the referees getting used to using the technology in the best way possible and in the end it is down to the first official to decide.

A penalty situation in the 2nd half, when Iborra is held inside the box, was one situation that had to be judged by the VAR, no penalty rewarded, and I think the ref was right, since it was a bit of a battle and credit to the referee in that situation.

Another big chance was created and we all thought that Iheanacho had scored his second, but the ball was, as we all could see on the repeat, all out and the goal was correctly dissallowed.

The next big VAR decission was when Iheanacho again was found with a fantastic pass from Mahrez, and scored, but the flag went up. But with the VAR into place it was clearly an onside situation and the goal was allowed, great decission making and correctly done.

City will play Peterbrough away in the 4th round, coming up

VAR used in the best way possible, great to see it in use with referee's also using their own sence of judgement
Many players involved, Benalouane, Iheanacho and Slimani getting a chance in the starting line-up
Playing Mahrez and give the team an edge the lacked away at Fleetwood
Posession was 69 %, which shows how much the team dominated, great also to convert the chances
Jakupovic keeping a clean sheet and showing his strength at the time needed
Kelechi Iheanacho became the first VAR goal scorer in english football, for always historical

Attendences, only 17 237 turned up
Benalouane and Iheanacho picking up yellow cards in a game with so much possession, not needed
Puel taking off Slimani a bit too early, not need for that change

Player ratings:
Jakupovic 7, Amartey 6, Fuchs 6, Dragovic 7, Benalouane 6, Iborra 7, Silva 6, Mahrez 8, Gray 6, Slimani 7, Iheanacho 8
Subs: Vardy, Okazaki, Albrighton 7

Match Stats:
Possession: 69 % / 31 %
Corners: 3 / 1
Shots on target: 4 / 4
Shots wide: 10 / 2
Fouls: 9 / 6
Offsides: 1 / 0

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You can watch interviews and news updates at "city-extra" and don't miss out the latest from "tcfone" and "retrotv". 

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