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RIP Rodney Fern, kept in Norwegian memory for one very special reason



For people living in UK, Rodney Fern was one fine footballer and top goalscorer playing for Leicester City, Luton Town, Chesterfield and Rotherham United, but for Norwegian fans, he is kept in memory for one very special reason

It was with sadness we received the message of the death of Rodney Fern. The former fox who played for the club from 1967 to 1972. Born in Burton on Trent, making his start as a professional player with Leicester City.

In total he played 152 league games and scored 32 goals for the club. He had a "rock & roll" style and used his pace and flair to score a lot of goals during his career lasting for almost 20 years in league football.

In Norway they started to televise games from England in 1969. At 16.00, Norwegian time, NRK showed that special game live from England and mostly the Midlands. It was a lot of media coverage and the newspapers had special previews and updates.

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The first goalscorer in a televised game from England, was Hugh Curran from Wolves. Wolves v. Sunderland was the first game to be televised and Curran is today a famous face and name in Norway. A real icon.

Not so many are City supporters in Norway, around 200 people, and most of them started to follow the club when these games came on telly. Leicester met Cardiff in the third live game, 13th december 1969.

Leicester played at home and was at the time at level two in English football. Cardiff won the game, 2-1, but a certain Rodney Fern came of the bench and scored that Leicester goal, the first ever "Tippekampen" Leicester City live goal.

Fern played in the Leicester team reaching the 1969 FA Cup final and played alongside some great players duirng his time, mentioning the likes of Alistair Brown, Allan Clarke and Alan Birchenall.

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After his time at Leicester, he joined Luton, and was part of their legendary team that got promoted to the first division in 1974. He did return to the top flight, but was not a regular in the Luton side at the time, playing only three games and moving on to Chesterfield in 1975.

He was four years with Chesterfield in the lower parts of the english league system, and then moved to Rotherham where he became a bit of a cult hero, as he also was at Leicester, partnering their most legendary player Ronnie Moore in many games.

Rotherham got promoted to the 2nd division (today known as the Championship) in 1981,  with Fern again playing a key part in a promoted team. He experienced the thrill of promotions with Luton and Leicester to the top flight and Rotherham winning the 3rd division.

According to Leicester Mercury , Fern struggled with dimentia, as so many footballlers before him, and again the topic becomes more and more relevant seeing the pattern of prevous players having this type of problem.

Another former fox, Gordon Wills, passed away earlier this month, you can look that up in our obituaries records. You can also watch Rodney Fern in action while playing for Leicester and Rotherham, from our retro tv section.

You can watch interviews and news updates at "city-extra" and don't miss out the latest from "tcfone" and "retrotv". 

You can watch interviews and news updates at "city-extra" and don't miss out the latest from "tcfone" and "retrotv". 

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