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Who is really Riyad Mahrez, letting down his teammates, frustrating his boss ...



According to Sky Sports, Riyad Mahrez stayed at home and was not training yesterday, he is also left out of the squad playing Everton today, again strange behaviour at the final day of the transfer window

Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are all mentioned as possible new clubs for Riyad Mahrez, but his behaviour towards his own club showes a type of carachter that few would believe would be possible.

We all know that Claude Puel is not happy, in fact totally frustrated by the fact that the transfer window ends on a day when Premier League action is going on. In the summer window, it was international action on the final day, it all became a farce.

The chance for a move looks more or less unlikely, but again late bids could come in and if Mahrez is eager to move, his only option is to stay at home, or to see out a contract move at The King Power and probably not able to perform to his best.

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The problem with all this is that City are in need of the player, and his performances are so crucial to City. The club is in great form at the moment, but if Puel and Mahrez are not able to sort out an agreement for such a crucial situation, it's a bad effect on everything.

Mahrez will never be a certainty in a Man City team and only looked up on as a fix for Sane, who is out of action, to see this action from the player is just like throwing eggs on a managers dress, what a disgrace.

Letting down fans, thinking only of himself and always getting in strange situations, one day you will be heavilly punished for that type of behaviour and hopefully the club, the management and fans will tell this player what he is starting to look like.

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If we learn children to behave like this, if they don't get their will all the time, then we are stuck. To see this happening is sickening, sad and really a bit of blow to the world of football, and for tcf, shocking news, as fan of this football club.

To see someone showing all fans and fellow players and his manager such lack of respect is sad, really sad and it tells us all that on a day of Premier League football, you don't really care.

But in the end could all this just be a cover story for something else, that football no longer is the most important, it's the money, and a way to get a move on for a fee that is acceptable and bringing it as high as possible just hours before the window shots.

We all know Craig Shakespeare dropped a hint that he didn't have the final say in the Danny Drinkwater saga, and that he got the blame for not being able to complete the Adrian Silva deal in time.

This is just another crazy example of how you can use the transfer window as a way to bring prices to a level you would not really think excisted, and should this once and for all be the reason for scrapping this "bad window" all together.

If they decide to still regulate football transfers with windows, at least don't let it end on a day with match action.

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