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Manchester City offers a package deal worth 65 million, cash plus mystery player



According to Sky Sports, Manchester City have made their final bid for Riyad Mahrez, a bid worth 65 million in a cash plus player package deal

No one are surprised by Riyad Mahrez and his willingness to leave the club, which is no secret to anyone. But to see such "crazy stories" and a type of "boicot behaviour" being described about Mahrez, might not be the total truth of it all.

Mahrez has a price, and an acceptable bid would see him leave. We all know that Claude Puel is not the one having the final word at Leicester City, the owners have, and they run the business, hopefully Puel understood that when he signed for the club.

But if this is not clear, Puel will get frustrated, Mahrez will be doing his moves to be able to sign a contract before the window end and not become a new Adrien Silva.

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This is a type of behaviour that can happen when the manager is not 100 % in charge, and can't act on the final say, because he does not have the final say. Players know that and will then make decissions which is not really behaving in a rational way.

Mahrez could have played against Everton and probably been on the training ground yesterday, but with a possible chance of leaving he is taking his actions and the dilemma for him is to now when a bid is accepted.

The owners would like to see Leicester City as winners on all counters. But with a football manager not really in charge of the business, it will be difficult to understand what players are doing in these situations.

It should be the manager who decides in full on a move of a player, but with big money involved, realy heavy stuff, you will not be taking those decissions and that is of course a bit of a blow.

Mahrez is ready to leave, has handed in a transfer request. He has a price, and for owners it's a dilemma. Why they don't say that Mahrez is not for sale, is strange.

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Puel could have stopped everything by telling Mahrez he can go nowhere and that a move is off, but that is not the case, the move is on, if a bid comes in with a fee acceptable. Owners are involved and it all becomes problematic.

The rumour is that Man City are offering a player in the package and at the moment no one knows who that is. Could it be Fabien Delph, hopefully it could be, a player that would be an ideal replacement and can play in the same position.

We all have to wait a few hours to find out if this will happen or not, but it looks like a price of around 65 million could be acceptable.

The owners of Leicester City also have to decide what is the best for business and believe that the situation of another season in the Premier League is safe. We all know what a heavy loss it will be without Mahrez, and the one that shall solve the problem is Claude Puel.

Andy King could be leaving on a loan, with Swansea the most likely club to join. Brighton, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace are clubs also talked about, but the Welsh club is the favourites at the moment.

Latest on the situation with Mahrez, is that a move to Man City is off, City are not accepting the bid from Man City involving a player and cash.

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