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Mahrez contract on the brink of collapse, will he be leaving on a free, who knows what is going on ?



Riyad Mahrez has not turned up for training, since his absence from the club on Tuesday. He also missed the game v. Everton and no one could replace him, what is really going on

Rumours today are that Mahrez will be fined, according to reports 200 000 is the cost. Claude Puel on the other hand says he will welcome Mahrez back with a smile, who would smile after reports of big fines.

The Leicester City players are confused about Mahrez and his behaviour, and it looks like a total anarchy around Leicester City at the moment, if there are anything in the reports coming from the media.

Mahrez was held back in the summer with the answer being, no one would buy him for the price Leicester City wanted. Roma came close and were the only club to be reported to have placed a concrete bid for Riyad.

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Sadly Mahrez did not turn up for training today either, and he will probably be absent for a longer period. Could this all end up in court, and if things goes so far, can the contract be cancelled.

So if that happens, with a player going on strike, and one who is in real demand then this is a difficult situation. The players union must be involved or does this movement really have anything to say, the problem is that Mahrez have great value.

If an employee decides to stay at home, you as an employer can just fire him and say goodbye, but with Mahrez that would be like losing 50 million in cash, so hopefully things will be sorted out and hopefully the player can return and play the games left of this season.

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As a fan you don't understand, you are totally thinking of this as idiotic behaviour and it's difficult to believe what is going on, but there must be two sides of this story, if not, it looks totally strange.

Philippe Coutinho was in a simular situation at Liverpool, and he managed in the end to get his will and make his move to Barcelona. There are probably no gentlemen left in football, it all looks just like hard and difficult business.

But again, to see this type of selfishness and not really thinking of fans, those who pay your wages and just discard everyone and everything is a way of making what we enjoy so much a bit of a terror act towards the game in total.

Hopefully a solution will be established, fans will not go against Mahrez, and as Puel said, this will hopefully be sorted out.

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