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Latest on the Mahrez situation, PFA chief  comments, not easy to understand



Officially there are nothing said or written about Riyad Mahrez and his current absence, Puel has said a few words during press conferences, but so far this looks like a very strange scenario

There are of course a lot of talk going on, but the club has officially done "an ostrich" and not made any single officially comments on the situation regarding the clubs best and most valuable player.

To see this happening is sickening and shows a bit of "strange management" from the club. Claude Puel has made a few comments about the situation, but he is just trying to comment on a tricky situation and keeping things as calm as he possibly can.

The problem is that everyone is talking about it, all the speculations and waiting for the real reason why Mahrez is not training or playing. He is not a stupid person and of course his way of dealing with transfer windows looks a bit silly, but there must be an explenation for it all.

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As far as we can see, things are not complicated at all. Mahrez has a contract which will run for another 2,5 years, Leicester City are entitled to sell Mahrez to whatever price they like and don't have to bow to anyone.

So why Mahrez is running around during the end of the transfer windows playing hide and seek and not turning up for training and are not interesting in playing, not officially on a sick leave and just silence from those involved makes this strange.

We are talking Premier League, clubs and administrations of high quality and professionalism, so how can this be going on. Mahrez will not jeopardise his career and surely has a plan and if that is not the case and the player is in no condition to play, then he is officially sick.

But so far no one knows how the club is dealing with this situation and reports from the press is that the player will be fined, but Puel is talking about him being welcomed back, and so far there are no official statement on the situation.

The PFA are so far, according to BBC, not involved in the situation but has offered to help. They also say that the club will show patience with Mahrez and let this take the time needed to get the situation sorted out and hopefully see Mahrez return to training.


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The fact that the club officially has not yet made any comment about the most talked topic in english football is strange and that is why this sounds complicated and that we probably will get the truth through the day Mahrez has left the club.

After reading about fans reactions there are no one in favour of Mahrez at the moment, people react to this with a simple mind, you are a player, you are under contract, the club is not selling for the bids received and then this is very simple, get on with your job.

But to see no official statement, no talk from anyone and Puel just waiting for the player to return, then you can't really understand why a player would hurt himself and not play first team games of football when selected.

Reports of the possible transfer to Manchester City firstly was one involving a young unknown player, then today reports are that Yaya Toure could have been part of a deal, and different talk comes to the surface.

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