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How will life be without Riyad Mahrez at Leicester City ?



If you look at the problem a club can get into, selling or getting key players injured, and especially at clubs who are not able to just go straight out and buy a 100 % certain replacement

Looking back in history you will see great downfalls at Leicester after not being able to find suitable replacements for those leaving or getting serious injuries and not able to be replaced by players available.

In the last two games played, without Mahrez on the pitch, away to Everton and at home to Swansea, only one point was picked up. The fear factor is gone and teams don't have to worry about the Leicester wizard.

Fans are often reacting to a situation happening, giving the manager the job to just fix a problem and of course this type of behaviour from Mahrez would in the real world, be easy to deal with, if the person in question has no real value or can be easilly replaced.

But Claude Puel knows that finding a replacement for Riyad will be like going out and finding gold in the streets of Leicester. That is not possible since there are now gold mines around the Clock Tower.

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Not only his absence as a single player is trouble, but also his relations to Vardy on the field is a problem. Puel knows, not an easy combintion to replace.

Bill Shankly said once, a football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing. That is true and today Mahrez is certainly one of the players, so there you have a reason why he is very important.

It looks as if Claudio Ranieri managed to find a replacement for N'Golo Kantè in Wilfred Ndidi, but it took a couple of seasons before those results materialised. Ndidi can become one, but so far he has not been able to take a conducting role with Mahrez out.

TCF believe Leicester City will sell Mahrez in the summer, and he will not be held back, but for now he is very important for the run in of the season and also the FA Cup, where City will be up against Sheffield United in the next round.

If you look back in time Gordon Banks is the first to come to mind. He had just been part of the World Cup winning team of 66 when Matt Gillies decided it was time to sell the 29 year old England international, the decline started and a relegation was a fact a few years later.

The next player to mention is Frank Worthington. His presence at Leicester was as vital as Banks, and by selling him, Frank McLintock never lasted long as City manager, not finding a suitable replacement, and in the same season City were relegated.


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Gary Lineker was another fantastic player that it took ten years to get replaced with some of the same standard, the player was Emile Heskey, both Leicester born and without them teams just fell a part at the club.

Jimmy Bloomfield managed to find a replacement for Peter Shilton in his understudy Mark Wallington. Luckily Wallington managed to fill the gap in a way few thought was impossible. Bloomfield kept his team together with clever management, few have copied after.

During the days of Martin O'Neill he never sold his best players, with Izzet, Lennon, Heskey and Guppy, together with Elliott and Sinclair all keeping the place up and running.

Ranieri lost Kantè and shortly after his job at the club. Shakespeare experienced the same when he had problems in the start of the season with an unsettled Mahrez and losing Drinkwater and a the same time playing some very difficult opponents.

Puel knows he has no one who can at the moment replace Mahrez, but with players such as Maguire and Ndidi growing into something very special it can be the right time to let Mahrez leave in the summer if that is his wish.

We wish Mahrez the best and of course hopefully see him score goals for Leicester again.

If everything was fine with Mahrez, then why all the silence. You start to wonder what is going on, and fans who love the club gets angry and unshure about what his going on.

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