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A Danish Fox, with an exciting travel to meet up with his "first love"



I am a Danish Fox and again back to meet my "first love", Leicester City. Followed the club since the early 80's, just a small kid at the time, but allready a follower of football.

A 19 year forward named Gary Lineker comes to mind, coming through the youth system at City and also the great blue jersey cought my eye. The name of the club was a key, and of course the fact that the team survived in the top flight, despite a very difficult start.

Through my time as a City fan there are a number of up's and down's, a lot of missed promotions a few terrible relegations, but of course to win the Premier League was magic.

Before the 5000-1 season I didn't believe in miracles, but now I know it can happen. Those fantastic days of Premier League victory and Champions League football is not real for a fan going back almost 40 years.

To be a City fan in Denmark is a lonely act, and just a few years ago, to be honest, I had not met anyone from my own country who supported Leicester City, only a few Norwegians and of course those living in England.

I have been a member of the Scandinavian Branch since the start in the mid 90's. I have always liked to be the lonely danish fox and for me there has never been any doubts about the support, never, despite being as far low as League 1.

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The strange thing is that I have always felt that Leicester found me, and not the opposite.

The first time I watched Leicester live was at Highbury in 1997, and since then also seen City in two EFL Cup finals at Wembley. I have been to Filbert Street and King Power Stadium.

I was of course in "Parken" to see Leicester play in the Champions League against FC Copenhagen last season. Of course special as well, with Kasper in goal and me on the terraces.

My recent trip to watch Leicester was in London when playing against Chelsea. A had with me three good friends, friends that i have travelled with before to London to see other games, once at White Hart Lane and another time at The Den.

They are friends, but Leicester is not important to them, and they said yes and probably believed that Leicester easilly would be defeated, something we all know didn't happen.

One of my friends was not very difficult to persuade, since he is a Chelsea fan, but had never been to Stamford Bridge before. To be honest I would probably look at this game as three lost points, but I knew we could surprise anyone.

The game showed that our team is a good one and that Claude Puel is a manager that can play with the right game plan and strategy, to upset Chelsea and get a home with him home to Leicester.

I was just behind the goal where it all happened  and at half time Leicester could have been in the lead. It was great to listen to the sad Chelsea supporters as they moaned and showed their disappointment.


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I could cheer with the Leicester crowd from my neutral place in the stadium, despite not being too many with so few tickets available for away supporters.

Until the time, in the 68th minute, when Ben Chilwell was sent off, I had the feeling Leicester could win the game, but that happening of course ended any hope of a win, luckily the one point was secured and kept until the final whistle blow.

Leicester played a great game and I was really pleased to see it all live at Stamford Bridge, a difficult place to go. I love those old stadiums, and among the arenas I have visited is Hillsborough watching Denmark in the 1996 Euro's.

My older brother is a Forest fan, should probably not mention that, but anyway I have been at City Ground with him and during my trip this time I also got the chance to visit AFC Wimbledon's home ground to watch the Danish forward Nadia Nadim who scored the only goal of the game.

Nadia Nadim is a player in the Chelsea Ladies team and they played Manchester City this Sunday, and to be part of that win, watching a fellow dane scoring a goal and really making the visit to another "old stadium" was a great thrill as well.

But the best for me is to watch Leicester City live, and hopefully there will be more oppertunities to go back and watch more games, travelling from my home outside Copenhagen. For now to all fellow City fans, have a great end to the season.

All the best, Frank !

Thanks to Frank Rask Poulsen for his great update on his latest trip, watching Leicester live in London against Chelsea.

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