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Happy factor, a real reason for City's decline and rise in form and performance



Nigel Pearson, Claudio Ranieri and Craig Shakespeare are all good men, knowing their football abc, but they were not aware of the happy factor effect, which is so important to not neglect

If you are a footballer, you have one thing on your mind, to play at the highest level possible at all times, and to see progress in your performance and of course establish yourself as a key man in a team.

The goals can of course change during a season, during a period at a club and you might have different goals, coming back after injury, long or short term, getting up and into the first team squad, and of course be in balance at the level you believe in your mind is your best.

Today everyone think that a player getting his pay check is the most important, as we experienced with Riyad Mahrez, that is not the reason at all. He believe his is not in balance with his current life in football and we all know that he will do well at more major club.

To really understand the happy factor as a manager and to measure it, is very difficult. If you decide to ignore it, you are finished and if you have a squad without enough happy players, you will sadly miss the points needed in vital games.

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To keep players happy at all time is tricky, but the master of all masters in this way of getting the most out of his squads are of course people such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Clough, who had a great way of dealing with this type of phenomena.

They sold and bought players, never showed any fear in letting stars leave and doing things in the right moment and time, whenever a player felt it was time to move on, or the manager himself gave a player a push to get out.

The situation at Leicester today is far more complex than it was durng the "heaven on earth" season. The right percentage of players were in the place they felt was the best place to be, and that gives the x-factor, that is so difficult to plan or balance.

Performances will rise whenever you feel this and you can also see it among your teammates, it is called positve energy, that in itself will make things easier and really start good results rolling.

Schmeichel, Simpson, Fuchs, Huth, Morgan, Drinkwater, Kantè, Mahrez, Albrighton, Okazaki, Vardy were all in great balance at the level they wanted to be, in that moment. Even important people such as King, Wasilewski, Schwarzer, Ulloa and Schlupp were all happy.


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The addition of Amartey and Gray, came at a time when they both looked at just signing for Leicester City as something big, expected to get a game or two just to get themselves established.

A manager change will lift the happy factor of all players, for those not playing regularly is a new fresh start, for those in the team they need to get sharper in training and really give in to show the new boss their abillity.

But this is short lived as selections are made and the pattern is settled, either as a tinkering selection or a rock steady selection, not changing too much. The job for the manager is to keep players in their "happy zone" and that can be a difficult challenge.

If the percentage of players not really inside their "happy zone" is rising, you will get a problem as Puel got with Ulloa, Slimani and several other players not really being where they wanted to be.

You can have one or two maybe three players out of that "happy zone", if more, you are in a bad place, so be carefull Claude Puel.

So how are things today. The happy factor is not at the same level, not because of bad results or just being 8th which in itself is not bad at all, but with the happy factor on a higher scale you could have been in the top six.

Schmeichel and Vardy are probably the most happy players at the club, Maguire, Simpson and Morgan are all also on a high. Ndidi, Albrighton are not bad either, Okazaki and Diabate are also probably ok.

But the fact that the squad have too many players, either out on loan, or going in and out, and of course Riyad Mahrez being interested in a move. Clough and Ferguson would have sold Mahrez by now, 100 % certain.

This is upsetting the squad, but Puel knows inside his head that finding that new player to replace Mahrez would be difficult, but he should be able to find talent somewhere, we all know that Clough and Ferguson had that clear abillity.

Nottingham Forest were simular to Leicester, Man Utd is a bit different, but again, to keep players happy at Manchester United is also important. They are not machines at Old Trafford either.

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