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Puel Plan A or B ?



Fans are of course upset when results at home are not as you expect, three draws against Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth is not good enough, far from it, and six points are lost

You can say what you like, but this is down to bad management, nothing more, nothing less. You can neither see a pattern of systems or player selection that you would feel is the right one, and that he is searching for answers from his players.

Puel who came in with a steel clear attitude and looked on top of his game, is not there anymore, and his way of dealing with the problems looks a bit "in the air" and a "try and fix" strategy without a real plan in his approach to try to find the answers.

First of all you cannot start with several experiments, neither in team selection or system played. City are coming out in a number of formations and you cannot train on all of them, so this is bad management, you cannot be a master of 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2.

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Movement on the field is based on a few ground rules and players are adapting to each other, and in one of the fastest games in the World and with players in both sides playing to their limits, some of this must be repeated time after time, game after game.

Trying players and changing too much will upset "the glue" between players and the movement will be easy for opponents to "fetch". Then results will suffer and you cannot have a plan A, B, C and D, you need two.

Without Okazaki you need to play another type of system and of course to adjust more to a possession style is good, likes to see a team having the ball, but you need to be able to understand the way of play, today James, Ndidi and Silva played and why ?


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Ndidi is ok, but James and Silva are neither players to use in midfield roles in a 4-3-3 system, they are too slow and at Premier League level they are just not "good enough" in that type of role to the left and right of Ndidi. The team will suffer and will not work as we surely could see.

Silva left the field and did ok defensively, working hard, but James was again "the invisible man". City is known for using computers to find their players, but why playing them out of position in roles and systems they are not used to.

Silva is a defensive midfielder, James the same, Ndidi is one working perfectly box to box, and then to pick one of them alongside him would make sence, but not both, surely not as long as you are supposed to attack.

Would have liked today to see Iborra in midfield with Nididi, Mahrez and Albrighton on the flanks and Iheanacho and Vardy up front. City are either a 4-4-1-1 team or a 4-4-2 team. Experiments and desperate moves as we saw today can in the end put pressure on the opponent.

But again to juggle too much with players and systems will only give the opponent an advantage.

Managers of the better teams juggles a lot, and if the players are superior of the opponent in talent and skill, it matters less, but the other way around, the system can help if you are drilled and players are almost telepathetic in their movement.

Sorry Puel, your fault, that you have thrown away six certain points at home to Swansea, Stoke and Bournemouth, hopefully you will stick to a plan A and B, not introduce C and D, never works.

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