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Leicester defeated by Chelsea in the FA Cup, positives and negatives, player ratings and match report



An exciting quarter final at King Power in the FA Cup, a game of power, electricity and great spirit was what we could see with two teams that really wanted to win and get through to the next round

In our preview we made our dream line-up for the game, and the player we did not see was Christian Fuchs, instead Chilwell were given the nod again, and he is surely a favourite and in the future plans of manager Claude Puel.

Kelechi Iheanacho was given a chance from start, probably because of his last performance v. West Bromwich and also the fact that he has done well in the previous rounds of the FA Cup.

But he is still in this game with Vardy on the field, played a bit out of position, since Chelsea with N'Golo Kantè in the team, cannot be left alone in the midfield area, so Iheanacho was played totally out of position in a deeper role, instaed of being the man on top, but with Vardy in the team that is not possible.

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The balance was a bit wrong, and Chelsea had the best chances in the first half and after a Mahrez miss pass, Willian picked up the ball and passed it fantastic to Morata who was clinical in his finishing and The Blues were 1-0 up after 42 minutes.

Leicester had their chances, and Vardy was close, but as we watched Cabellero reached the ball first being very allert on the fact that Vardy can if given space between the defenders and goalkeeper, be difficult to handle.

No changes were done after the first half and as the 2nd half started it was clear that a goal was in the air with Leicester playing and Chelsea counter attacking. Ndidi had a great game defensively, being massive in stopping so many Chelsea attempts to go forward.

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After a bit of pressure it was time for a goal after many attempts and finally Jamie Vardy got the ball over the line in the 76th minute. A hard earned goal and the feeling was that Leicester would go for more and really finish this game and get through to the semi's.

But as the game faded out, it was clear that it would be a game of more than 90 minutes and extra time was what came next. Tired heads might be the reason for the faults done, but with Pedro, the smallest player on the field, scoring with a header it was a massive surprise.

Why on earth Kasper Schmeichel leaves his goal and tries to go for it, was a riddle. He never reached the ball and Pedro scored, Leicester never came back and Chelsea stopped every attempt, but again a good game by Leicester, and a fatal error cost Leicester deadly.

In the end, N'Golo Kantè is a fantastic footballer, that fact that Leicester was his club in a season of fantasy, is something to honour, same as Mahrez. We don't like that players are not married to Leicester City, but that is life, what a fantastic performance by Kantè, definate MOM.

Vardy scoring and showing great spirit
Iheancho getting a game
Nididi is massive, tackling like a rock
Albrighton playing to his limits, making a number of good passes and working so fantastically hard
Mahrez again showing magic when it was needed

Not being able to get Iheanacho higher in the field, and trying to play with two forwards
Simpson and Chilwell in trouble most of the game, leaving the central defenders a bit open
Bad judgement by Schmeichel, losing the game for Leicester
Ndidi passing must be better, if not, it will be difficult to break down defences

Player ratings:
Schmeichel 4, Simpson 5, Chilwell 4, Maguire 6, Morgan 6, Iborra 6, Ndidi 8, Albrighton 8, Mahrez 7, Vardy 7, Iheanacho 4
Subs: Okazaki, Gray, Diabate, Silva

Match Stats:
Result: 1-2
Goalscorers, Leicester: Vardy
Possession: 48 % / 52 %
Corners: 7 / 5
Shots on target: 5 / 3
Shots wide: 6 / 4
Fouls: 17 / 9
Offsides: 3 / 5

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