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Former Leicester manager looking to Norway
News today in Sweden and Norway is that former Leicester manager Sven Göran Eriksson is thinking about buying a Norwegian football club, read more
















Former Leicester manager Sven Göran Eriksson is in chase of an investment that could see him as owner of a Norwegian club. Swedish national newspaper Aftonbladet reports about a possible take over at 3rd tier Fram Larvik.

A year ago or so, Norway appointed former Iceland and Sweden coach Lars Lagerbäck as their new head of the national team. Another Swede, Martin Sjögren is the head coach of the Norwegian women national team, so the influence from east is huge.

Close neighbours, simular language and really the same lifestyle makes it easy for Swedish and Danish people to adapt. One who has is former Arsenal and Wolfsburg forward Nicklas Bendtner.

Bendtner made a great impact both in Europe and at home when Rosenborg won the league last season and also kicked Ajax out of Europe. This will of course tempt the former England and Leicester manager to look at a potential pond of players in all Scandinavian countries.

Players from Iceland are highly popular as well and looks at the Norwegian league as a stepping stone towards bigger teams in Europe. A number of people with a life in professional football and management in the uk, are now strongly involved in Norwegian football.

The Norwegian model of ownership makes it more interesting to invest, since the rules are a bit simular to England. The options for clubs in Norway is to sell and buy and do it well, because you will not get big crowds watching football.

Fram Larvik is a type of a sleeping giant. They were a great team before World War II and one of the aristocrats of Norwegian football, but in modern time they have played mostly at the third tier of the league pyramid.

Fram Larvik and Larvik Turn are the two major clubs in the City. In the good old days those derbies could attract 20 000 people or more, and today maybe 4000 to 5000 if they played in the same division. At the time Turn is a team on level 5.

A number of former Norwegian internationals are from the region of Larvik. Gunnar Halle, who had a great career in England with Oldham and Leeds especially, is one to mention, another is the former PSV Eindhoven captain Hallvar Thoresen.

One to watch is Southampton talent Kornelius Normann Hansen. The 16 year old is from Larvik and is one of a number of Norwegian young talents currently doing well in the youth national team and as academy players abroad.

Today there are a number of top tier clubs in the district of Fram Larvik. Sandefjord and Odd Skien are two clubs in close distant. They are often attracting talent from Fram. Sven Gôran Eriksson will, if he decides to invest in Fram, find a club from a town that knows how to raise talented players.

The town is today best known for their women handball team Larvik HK. Among the best handball women teams in the World, and are winners of the Champions League. Many Norwegian olympic gold medalists have over the years represented the club.

We will see if the former England and Leicester manager will make his plans real and bring more glory to the area and transform Fram. The area is known for growing talent, so maybe with Svennis in charge, Larvik again can be a city to count in the top tier of Norwegian football.

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