Puel, no player will progress without playing games

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To see the comments about having a strong squad, makes you think a bit. Sir Alex Ferguson was a manager who managed to keep 30 players involved in a season, and win trophies, but that is a seldom happening.

For Leicester and Puel it’s a totally different approach needed. He needs to find his best 11, play that team week in and week out. Get the unit stronger and stronger, since that is the only weapon against the top teams.

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To see players and management being satisfied with a position between 6 and 9 is again lack of ambiton. A team winning the PL with 10 points should have a bolder goal.

To blame everything on losing Kante, is crazy. Real Madrid have not downsized their goals after losing Ronaldo.

Leicester reached the quarter finals of the CL, being the best English team, without Kante, so no logic in this talk.

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The key is as we have seen before, quality team, strongest 11, no fuzz, and bring on the kids when a few injuries strikes. Iversen, Ndukwu, Choudhury, Barnes, Knight and Elder would be good enough in an emergancy. It’s for Puel to pick 17 players above this group, and just focus on that.

To have 30 players on huge salaries just eating grass is rubish, never works, and for every weekend you don’t play, you will soon become rusty and your competetive level will decrease.

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