Claude better than Claudio, according to a unique and special report

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Leicester City looks certain to be above Fulham when the season ends coming May next year. A super computer program has predicted the outfall of the season and that clearly must have taken into the fact that clubs can change management.

The current appointment of Claudio Ranieri at Fulham will, according to this machine, have no effect on the outcome and the West Londoners are predicted to go down and no magic from the former Leicester City manager.

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Claude Puel and Leicester City are on course to a new top 10 finish and to be perfectly honest something between 8 and 10 would be what we all would believe as well, despite having dreams of something else.

Manchester City are of course predicted to win the Premier League again, this time with Riyad Mahrez among their players and to see him lifting this special trophy will be special and two of the best Leicester City players, Kante and Mahrez will now both experience the thrill of doing this again with another club.

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The run the EFL Cup and a possible adventure in the FA Cup could be the lifeline for Leicester City and hopefully getting a place in Europe again. A good run in the FA Cup would be pleasant and that could keep Puel floating.

Claude is predicted to deliver a place between 6 and 11 to keep his job and if he can get a run to a final in the EFL Cup and FA Cup that would of course be fantastic. Claude is on the road to a better season than Claudio, so we just have to wait and see if the computer tells the truth or just are far away from the final result.

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