Emotional farewell for Leicester City goalkeeper, honoring one of the finest men in his trade

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To see four goalkeepers, all of them being handpicked as pallbearers for the Gordon Banks funeral, because of their current status at the clubs they represent and play for.

This was a very special way of handing Gordon Banks all the respect he deserves as the world number one in his trade, being carried by those four who in recent time has been doing the job of Gordon Banks at his previous clubs and of course in the national team.

Goalkeepers, Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City), Jack Butland (Stoke City), Joe Anyon (Chesterfield) and Joe Hart (England) all gave a very emotional touch to the farewell.

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Kasper Schmeichel will in his next league game played equal Gordon Banks and his 293 league games for Leicester City. A coincidence maybe, but again a bit strange and emotional at the same time.

Kasper Schmeichel has already passed another former legendary Leicester City and England international goalkeeper, Peter Shilton, who stopped at 286. Shilton was of course present at the funeral together with other great goalkeepers of the Gordon Banks era, such as Joe Corrigan, Ray Clemence and Pat Jennings.

Again truly great to see Kasper taking part in this historical and emotional event showing his respect and representing Leicester City in the best way possible. As fellow Scandinavians we feel that Kasper also represents us Leicester City fans over here, in the honoring of Gordon Banks.

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Gordon Banks was a world known class player but also have a unique standing in Scandinavia as we watched him on many occasions when Stoke City were live on TV on a Saturday at 16.00. He was of course one of the star players to watch and he did many fantastic saves during the first years of “Tippekampen” making the fanbase of English football grow enormously over here.

Great to see Kasper Schmeichel being part of this and keeping a great tradition of goalkeeping at Leicester City. Kasper is truly one of the greatest and will in time be remembered in the same sentences as Banks, Shilton and Wallington.



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