Leicester City transfer talk, how it works and who to watch in the jungle of rumours

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Recent rumours about Arjen Robben and Youri Tielemans being close to a move to Leicester City are based on a number of factors and why it all looks likely to happen.

Of course a late change of mind or a bit of a hurdle could stop a move from going through but when several reliable newspapers and blogs suddenly start to spread the word all of them at the same time, then you need to listen and take it into consideration.

First of all if you follow Leicester City you should think about what a rumour is and how likely it is to happen, just thinking about it yourself. Would the player fit, is he a player that we could need at this time and will the move be able to finance for our club.

If these three are good fits then you can really think of the rumour as one that would be possible and in the area of a move that could be good for Leicester City. When several reliable newspapers starts printing it, you should watch out.

Today agents spread the word to keep their players on the market, keep them in demand and see if there are clubs interested. That is part of the business and how the press often gets their leads. Different players are rated in different categories and you will see that most of the rumours fits well with the player in question.

Ben Chilwell and Harry Magurie are two Leicester City players that often are in the rumour mill linked with some of the bigger clubs such as Man Utd, Tottenham and Man City, why is that, because they fit the bill and it looks as the best option for a player of their status if a move should happen.

Interesting to go back and see what really happened when Youri Tielemans signed for Leicester City on loan. A week before the deal was official, Leicester Mercury wrote an article saying that a £20million move could happen and quoted Daily Mail journalist Dominic King, who had tweeted about a possible move.

Mercury was far from close and had “no idea” of what was going to happen, or they never let us knew about their knowings if they had any. The move happened but it was not a buy but a loan, and Adrien Silva who Mercury just a few days before wrote would join Bordeaux, never did and became a Monaco loan player instead.

Today Leicester Mercury dismiss the move of Arjen Robben, based on what?, but who should you believe. Arjen Robben is a player in demand and after leaving Bayern Munich he needs to address his interest globally.

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So who is working for Robben, and why Leicester City. The link to Brendan Rodgers is obviously there with a previous relationship at Chelsea. Leicester will have no problem to finance a deal, as they earlier have pulled of “crazy” “non-believable” moves for Esteban Cambiasso and Gokhan Inler, leaving Inter and Napoli to join Leicester City.

Robben and Cambiasso are very similar, since both uses their family and is not connected to a special agent company. This will be a type of scenario that Leicester are used to and the negotiation with Robben could be settled fast. Cambiasso had a long period behind him at Inter, that same is the situation with Robben at Bayern Munich.

Leicester, who finished 9th in the Premier League, with their current manager Brendan Rodgers in charge, is a safe move for Robben. TCF is positive to this idea, the move looks very possible and the fact that so many bookies decides to drop the odds to almost nothing, says it all, even a few “tweets” says that the deal should be completed early next week, so why Leicester Mercury dismiss it all together is strange.


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