Leicester City kit launch, the verdict of the new home and 2nd “Pink Panther” kit

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Leicester City played their last game of the season v. Chelsea in the new home kit, which is looking better and better the more you actually see of it. Foxes are back in the blue shirt, white shorts tradition, which is nice to see, but all blue has also become natural after that great 2015/16 season.

The change from last season is there to see as the gold is more coming into it, than the previous one, which was the first year with Adidas. TCF also liked last seasons kit, but this one looks better and modern, so happy to see this as a positive change.

Today the 2nd kit was launched and it’s a mix of white, pink and black, makes me think of Peter Sellers and The Pink Panther. The kit looks modern and fresh, so no problem with that, but to watch Leicester City in this kit will be different, but of course fun and hopefully it will bring points on board.

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We hope that the 3rd kit will be either black or a white one, have seen some pictures of a black sample somewhere, so it will probably be that instead of white, since this pink alternative has a bit of white in it.

Going back and think about previous great kits, you often connect them to good results and times when “happiness” is fondly remembered and of course the kit gets more points when it is connected to a great season, despite not being a fan of the Top Tile period.

The green kit from the 80’s is not one fondly remembered either and to see the green color again suggested was not in TCF’s favor. Would like to see Leicester City in red, because that color is the true opposite and looks good, but we know that fans not really like the red one, since it reminds people of “trees”.

Going back there are some favorite kits, and those with Walkers on makes me think of a nice kit from a great period under Martin O’Neill. And it also fitted well on some of the best players in the clubs history, so you really feel great when seeing “clips” and “pictures” from that era.

The Admiral kit was for TCF very special. It was unique as well, with only Leicester City having this pattern and this very special kit designed in a unique way and not a replica or a copy of some other kit, really, really nice.

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Of course the kits of the 60’s and especially the one used in the 1963 FA Cup final is also very nice, together with the 1971/72 kit and also the 1973/74 kit, who were very, very good looking.

If you like to look up the history of Leicester City kits, just follow this link, and you will see all the big and small changes season by season, and we really believe that Leicester City players will look good next season, with that new one looking good.

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