Fuchs birthday, Tielemans thoughts and a toe length from glory

Christian Fuchs turns 33 today, congratulations. Fuchs is the ideal professional, a player the managers love to have in a squad. Loyal and steady, just doing the job and being there when needed.

Youri Tielemans has opened up about his next step in football. TCF believe that Leicester will win the race with Tottenham and Man Utd due to the fact that playing regular first team football will be the most important.

Jesse Lingard scored a fantastic winning goal for England yesterday, but VAR ruled it correctly out. This is the hars truth and nothing but the truth in a game that for many years have been based on wrong decision making.

Maradona and his hand of God would have been ruled out as history would have looked different, but without errors.

Hopefully England can win the bronze and get a good ending to their Nations League adventures. Gareth Southgate has a talented young squad who is not yet ready, but will be with this type of experience, keep the fate.

Rice, Chilwell and Barkley all impressed yesterday. Rashford scored from the penalty spot and Sterling led by example. Sancho is exciting and to have Kane, Henderson and Alli on the bench, speaks of debth and quality

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