Did you miss out, if so, you have a chance to recap all those great updates of May!


TCF-Filbertway is today among the most popular blogs of Leicester City and we are often seen with top stories on News Now. Our knowledge of Leicester City cannot be faulted and that is why articles have 1000’s of readers on a daily basis.

During May we had a lot of exciting news and updates and as you can see from our cover there are many topics to explore.

We are doing the past stuff as well as the news of today, and it’s a fascinating World to explore. Leicester City is so much and you can always find a topic of your liking at this website.

Foxes A to Z

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This month a few new players are added to our section, find out more about Matt Elliott, Richie Norman and Iain Hume who all represented Leicester City with greatness and were part of the club at different times in the history of the club.

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Fossils and Foxes

The update contains all Leicester City first team league players and you can now look at a special update on players with last name starting on A,

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Specials, Guys in Disguise

One of our special updates are the “Guys in Disguise”, they who played for Leicester City but did see their best times in football somewhere else. A number of players who have played at Leicester City has had other experiences in football that would see their talents flourish more at a different level.

The latest update on those are Colin Gibson who did win The League and the European Cup while at Aston Villa and also had a life at Old Trafford with Manchester United before moving to Leicester City and play in 2nd tier of the English football pyramid.

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Blog Talk

We are trying write in depth articles and use sources we know are truthfully and can be trusted, we also cover the merry go round of transfer rumours and also try to build up quality talk about those possible moves that can happen.

We also run our daily hot, cool and cold update and rates the rumours we find out there on the web, constantly updated with the latest activity, enter here

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June 2020

Don’t miss out on our next updates as they come along, June will be packed with new stuff as we update on a daily basis.

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