Why act as a minor, when you in real are in the middle of a major bull fight

Leicester City are among the top teams in England, but when you listen to the manager and a number of fans, they are all talking about “little” Leicester City and how well they are doing today, despite drawing against Brighton and Watford and losing at home to Chelsea.

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It’s rubbish and nonsense don’t be a minor in your talk and don’t be satisfied when you lose at home to Chelsea, who in real are behind Leicester City in the league and a team that definately should have been beaten in parts at home.

It’s no excuse, it’s sad and again I feel let down as a Leicester City fan, looking at people not really understanding how well this team are at their best and why they never should be satisfied losing to anyone at home, never.

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Brendan Rodgers has a problem at the moment, when signing players for £30million you are not a minor, no other clubs than Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool can afford signing players in that category and that is what Leicester City are doing at the moment. Then you compete up there, don’t talk yourself away from that.

It’s also sad to see a manager talk positive about a game where your team is defeated, it’s silly and sets a standard that losing at home is ok. It’s not, we did, if someone remember,  defeat Tottenham Hotspur, while playing in the Championship, at home in the FA Cup. Why should Leicester City as a team laying 3rd in the Premier League accept other results than wins at home.

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As a manager you would be furious about this performance, and also the fact that losing is not something Leicester City should do at home, never, it’s not acceptable for fans to see their team lose, when they are a good team full of international players with price tags higher than K2, Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

There are a few games left, restart the engines, get the guys geared up, go back to basics and beat the shit out of every opponent that comes to take Leicester City on, don’t accept defeats, it’s not ok, because it’s not, wins are.

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