The A to Z of Leicester City transfer targets, players from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Fenerbahce in the mix!

To follow all the gossip turning up about transfer targets is a hectic affair as you see new names everyday and they are all potential signings, or probably not, depends on the rumour, the source and how many times it turns up in the mill.

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We have now added a lost section to our update as players move to other clubs and by that happening they are no longer part of a list of possible new signings. Adam Lallana who were closely linked with Leicester City joined Brighton & Hove Albion and maybe a better match than joining his former manager in the East Midlands.

Our update is based on articles seen around the net and from previous windows we have seen that often or almost everytime a player joins he has earlier been seen among the rumours, gone silent a few weeks and then suddenly everything is settled.

We are following up Leicester City targets here at this website and just click on rumours in the menu above to find the latest update on the players reported. We also have an update on Pinterest with a picture of each player.

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TCF believe that Leicester City needs to make a huge sale or at least get a number of fringe players out before we will see a big money move coming in. The fact that the club are missing Champions League next season will probably also see a number of those players linked jump to other options as this would probably stop a bit of the attraction.


We still believe that William Carvalho are among the hot targets, and will not rule out Luka Jovic either as his name turns up and could be tempted to join. With signals about both Demarai Gray and Kelechi Iheanacho uncertain about their future and linked with moves to Spurs and Newcastle, that could be sales that would bring in funds to use.

Exciting days coming up and hopefully Brendan Rodgers will shape and build his squad for the next season as best as he possibly he can, and we hopefully will be able to get an even stronger squad next season.

A name that appeared in the mill today is Fenerbahce forward Vedat Muriqi. The 26 year old has been seen in the papers before, and Leicester City is said to be in the poll. He is a goalscorer in his team and convert with 50% goals pr appearance, so a could possible option. Muriqi is also a player taller than most, 1.94m (6ft 4in).

You have also seen Barca’s Philippe Coutinho back in the mill, so not “dead” just yet then, would be a sensation if that happened but Leicester City managed to get in Esteban Cambiasso and Youri Tielemans who had a number of other more highflying options.

Don’t miss any Leicester City gossip as it appear.



A kit of hope and not a boring shirt we have to change? what does “the fox” say?

We are used to new kits coming season by season with some grand changes at times, but also with just a few minor moves to just modify a little bit, and that is what we have seen for the next season.

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Leicester City came out against Manchester United in an all blue kit, and over the past years it’s been either blue shirts and white shorts and blue stockings or all blue. The away kit and 3rd kit has seen more changes from year to year with a black and pink outfit this season.

After looking at the new kit more and more, it looks well balanced and one of the better in our view, the fact that it is all blue again, might not be that ok, but as long as you can change to white shorts it looks fine.


We will probably see Leicester City play in both, with white and blue shorts during the next season and that must be ok. So far it’s no news on the away and 3rd kit, but hopefully they will change both.

From a fans perspective you have mixed opinions looking at what’s on Leicester City message board Foxes Talk. You will find a number of great comments, from big yes’s to low no’s. As always Leicester City fans are in with a big split of minds.

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No news on the away and 3rd kit, but hope they change them. The black one as it is now is boring, but with a blue ribbon it could be great, and seeing Leicester City wearing the traditional first Leicester Fosse kit again, would be nice. We had this colour on 3rd kit in 2003/04 and 2009/10. Would like to see it back as it is a kit that stands out and is very special and rare.

Leicester City is also known for wearing an all white kit and should always be the away alternative, not to mess with that. We have seen Leicester City in most colours from shocking green, all red, pink, grey and yellow and also grey, so a variaty of choices have been seen.


The sad facts about the recent decline at Leicester City, it’s bad and ugly at the same time!

The fact that Leicester City next season will play in Europe and finished 5th with Jamie Vardy winning the Golden Boot was all an act of what was achieved before the restart of the season, and what happened after is just a rot of management chopping and changing, injuries and experienced players doing stupid mistakes.

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So why is this happening and how do you get out of the problems and try to get things back to normal. Is it all just a fact that vital players were not available, missing Pereira, Maddison, Soyuncu and Chilwell in key areas.

TCF belive that Brendan Rodgers is looking for answers and that his football vision is based on the fact that systems can be changed for the benefit of getting a better result, but when that is not happening, what then, change it back?

Brendan looks totally in the wilderness at times and the way he has used Kelechi Iheanacho and Demarai Gray this season is not helping those two develope. Then to axe the player with most assists from a starting line-up (Barnes), is also strange.

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To stay loyal to a system is what made Leicester City win the league and they played 4-4-1-1 without any talk about changing that to anything else. During the days of Martin O’Neill we had a 3-5-2 settled system and it worked wonders.

So why does Brendan Rodgers believe that changing from the well working 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 and against Manchester United playing 3-5-2 will work as they are hardly systems that are drilled week in and week out.

Brendan Rodgers has stressed the fact that he needs more attacking options and believe the defense is working well, but then he needs to let players such as Barnes, Gray and Iheanacho leave, but that looks like a suicide act and we will, without them, see a decline in performances, be sure.

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He has used almost £60million on Praet and Perez, two players that has been below expectations this season and not given any special confidence from Brendan at all, so what will he do with those two recruits.

Leicester City owners have one answer to “decline” in recent seasons, sacking the manager. That will not happen before next season starts so they will wait until they have seen Leicester City fighting in the bottom again.

Claudio Ranieri, Craig Shakespeare and Claude Puel all did see a heavy decline after one and a half season, and excactly the same is going on at the moment and silly mistakes, structure changes and line-up’s you don’t understand are all coming out of the hat.

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So what is Brendan Rodgers up to?, he looks a bit out of controll and has gone away from what he believed in when Leicester City were flying earlier in the season, why?

If he had kept his structure and just slotted in the players he believed would do the job and maybe just replaced players if they looked tired or injured, he could have just singled out his problem which was injuries, but now he has juggled players around that wasn’t injured and he has no easy answer for this decline.

It looks messy at the moment and as a fan you don’t have any clue of what will going to happen and sadly to find talents and players better than the current group is a costly affair and missing the target could be fatal.

All defenders at Leicester City knows how to play in a four men defense, no one really knows much about a three men defense and very few players knows how to act in those vital flank positions, without full backs in the team.

It was so simple and no one would have questioned anything if Brendan Rodgers had settled with a 4-3-3 and just slotted in players for those injured and tried to play a team without juggling players around who must have a lot questions about their future.

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Kasper Schmeichel made fatal mistakes and his performances at times was like a horror movie, so when will it be possible for Danny Ward to get a chance to play, only if Kasper is injured. Look at Frank Lampard and how he made it clear that Kepa has no future anymore after making silly mistakes. Brendan Rodgers is known for his “soft” approach and overlooking facts that are important if you want to win with a squad.

Ward should have been given the gloves for the games after that Bournemouth game, this would have given a clear message to the squad that errors of that type is totally unacceptable in the professional game and it should be addressed.

The inclusion of Wes Morgan and his presence was questioned a few weeks ago when Ryan Bennett was in front and selected before Morgan. Strangely Brendan Rodgers changed his idea about Bennett and totally overlooked his loan signing from Wolves in the end.

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The use of Hamza Choudhury and Nampalys Mendy is also something to address as the two were one minute in and another totally forgotten, Hamza not selected, Mendy was in, then Mendy was out and Hamza in. Praet played out of position and signed for what reason?, an offensive player and always used in a central position at Anderlecht and Sampdoria, mostly played out of position at Leicester City looking at times totally lost in his positioning and uncertain about most decisions out on the field.

Praet is also a player that is used to play week in and week out and has done so for the past seven or eight seasons, and suddenly finds himself mostly as a sub, something he has little or no experience from. A player needs to find his role and the sub role is something you have to learn and how to attack in the best way possible, Praet has absolutely no idea of how to perform coming off the bench. it takes time to adapt, and that might have cost the club 5 to 7 points this season.

The message from Brendan Rodgers yesterday is a scary approach as he will be in heavy trouble trying to find better players for a reasonable price somewhere, he might have to search the moon and further in space to find them, they don’t excist, sorry!


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