The new and unique Leicester City collection of leisurewear, “Scandinavian Edition”

Leicester City do have a passionate following of fans in the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The supporters club LCSCSB was founded back in January 1994 and has since grown to a “big family” counting around 200 members.


We of course love the Leicester City kits and clothing available from the shop, but have over the years talked about having some identification of our own, and now the day has come.

A special edition made for Scandinavian fans of Leicester City FC. You will find a dark blue t-shirt, a cap, a nice sweater and a cup to buy. The logo of the fox with the viking helmet inside makes a good look and identifies us well as a group and at the same time it will probably be a collectors item in the years to come.

You can order it from our own forum which is open for all members of the Scandinavian Branch.

If you are not part of the supporters club and want to buy the edition, you can, but you need to place your order before Sunday afternoon this week, as this is just a one time happening, and will not go on any form of general sale.

If you like to order you can do so from this e-mail address,, you will then get details and info about how to order.


T-shirts, £15 (150nok), Cup £10 (100nok), Sweater £40 (400nok) and Cap, £10 (100nok),

Freight will be added to your buy.

These are membership prices, and you need to become a member to buy, a yearly membership price is £5. The shipment will be in three to four weeks from today.

All the best,

Leicester City Supporters Club, Scandinavian Branch


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