The most vital deals to settle at Leicester City!

The talk of transfers are really annoying and to get the club forward it’s so vital to stop any possible move of key players and to get a group to grow together. The sales of N’Golo Kantè, Ryiad Mahrez, Harry Maguire and Ben Chilwell have given the club money to progress, but certainly the club would have better off with those players in the squad.

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Recent news of Youri Tielemans and his supposed “dreams” is sickening reading, the same to see headlines linking all our best players with The Barcelona’s, The Man Utd’s and The Liverpool’s. Brendan Rodgers needs at least another campaign with his current crop of players to be able to bring new trophies to the table.

To sell a top player every summer is a nightmare to see as a possible trophy will be more distant when that happening, but Brendan Rodgers also needs to trim his squad even more, with a number of players hopefully shipped out either in January or early in the summer.

Fans believe that players will sign for Leicester City to just be covers for our best players, but then they need to be in the category of promising players, and that might be risky, would rather see Brendan Rodgers getting the best out of a very talented squad.

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To get the results we all hope for you need also a bit of luck and not have injuries on the most important players in the squad, if you get that you will not be able to win anything, and then you just have to settle with the difficulties that occure and possibly give young players a go.

Martin O’Neill is the manager at Leicester City who have managed to balance a squad in the way possible and he was a mastermind of getting the best level out of a player by playing them smart and in correct systems and positions.

We have over the years seen even Brendan Rodgers making foolish mistakes in the way he has turned his squad and lost out of vital positions as the Champions League last season, hopeless really, but again it happened.

Claudio Ranieri became a bit eager to change what worked as Craig Shakespeare just pushed the repeat button and got results quickly, it’s a shame really to watch these acts of management as you are hoping for the better.

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When you build a squad you do that with a system in your thoughts as you need covers and can play players in those positions, then to juggle with the system makes no sense when you win game after game not changing that vital point as you go forward.

To pick the Leicester City team is no “big riddle” and as players are starting to jell you will get that energy that you can’t manage, the electric power that makes those great moves and happenings, because that is what score goals the bonding on the field.

Playing Perez, Barnes and Vardy up front is something to prefer as the three are players that can play on each others strengths and you will get all the goals in the world. With Vardy absent, you should move Perez up front and either slot in Albrighton or Under, both players works well in a three men attack, doing the wide job splendedly. You don’t need more options up front, and if you get injury crisis you have to give a youngster a chance, to keep players just to have them for a game or two during a season or make changes just to give players games will in the end make your first team weaker and you will lose all those vital aspects in scoring goals.

In midfield Leicester City have five a preferred first trio in Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison, and would like to see Dewsbury-Hall called back and be the cover together with Mendy, then you have five players that will be enough to cover a midfield. Praet and Choudhury looks to have a bit left to push those three preferred out, so probably they should be given a chance to leave.

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In the back you have a lot of options but it’s time to put Fuchs and Morgan to rest as they are probably not playing at the club next season, and with Justin and Thomas both able to cover for Castagne and Pereira you have four good alternatives of those full back positions. In the back at the moment Evans and Fofana are the preferred duo, both players doing well. In Soyuncu and Justin you have two players that can cover in those positions and play in the back four, Ndidi is also an alternative in emergency situations.

Would like Brendan Rodgers to slim his use of players and try to build a stronger first eleven and get the electric power and energy into action as we have seen what this team is capable of and why not just copy that as much as possible.

There is no need to change a 4-3-3 either, it works well and with the current squad in place and no sales you will have an equipped squad going forward. Not more than 18 players should be in the first team picture and if you have to use more players, you have talent in the U.23’s that must be trusted and given them a place on the bench if needed or bring them in for a total collapse among first teamers. To have a squad of emergency players is a bad way to behave in football management.

We will wait and see what Brendan Rodgers will do against Brighton, but would love to see this team on the field, and if Maddison is out, would have played D-Hall, but with him out, Praet is the one I would have slotted in, not Mendy, as he is a bit more defensive.

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