The full update on Leicester City coaching staff, who are who?

Brendan Rodgers is in full charge of first team affairs, but he also have a number of people to help him getting everything done as he is not able to do all his tasks by himself, though media looks to him as the single man in this great group of people.

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The assistant first team manager is Chris Davies. Davies (35) is still a young man despite being very experienced, going into coaching due injuries and forced to early retirement as a player. He was the captain of Reading’s youth team and then coached by Brendan Rodgers, but has also an earlier life at Leicester City, being part of the youth academy set up from 2005 to 2007.

He has worked under Brendan Rodgers in similar postions at Swansea, Liverpool and Celtic and his abilities might be overshadowed and a bit forgotten by media as his presence must be regarded as very important and his influence should not be faulted as his role is one very important in the set up around and in partnership with the manager.

Kole Tourè is the first team coach and moved down from Celtic with Brendan Rodgers were he also assisted his former boss at Liverpool. The playing life of Kolo is one fantastic, and to have a person in and around like him will never be wrong, as his knowledge of winning always will be important, lifting the Premier League trophy both at Arsenal and Man City.

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Kolo Tourè has also 120 caps to his name, and by that the most capped player of his nation, The Ivory Coast, playing at international level for 15 years. Toure played under Brendan Rodgers both at Liverpool and Celtic before moving into coaching and working in partnership with his former manager at Celtic before joining up at Leicester City as well.

Leicester City also have a first team fitness coach and this role is today occupied by Glen Driscoll. Driscoll might not be the most household name in the game, but has during a long spell at Chelsea worked with and alongside Rodgers, Mourinho and Ancelotti, before being recruited to the staff of people under Rodgers at Swansea, Liverpool, Celtic and now Leicester City.

Brendan Rodgers coaching staff also include Mike Stowell and Adam Sadler who are people with a long background at Leicester City and not someone who has followed the roads of the current number one, and we have often seen the two in caretaker positions from time to time between full management changes.

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Stowell is as we know the goalkeeper coach and Sadler are part of the staff working with the outfield players. Stowell might be a long term servant at Leicester City, but during his playing days as a goalkeeper he was at Wolves for eleven seasons from 1990 to 2001 adding up 385 league games while at Molineux. Sadler also have a background as goalkeeper, but stopped playing at a younger age, with Manchester United one of his former clubs. and the two former shot stoppers took jointly charge in the interim period between Claude Puel and Brendan Rodgers.

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The development staff includes the head of academy affairs Steve Beaglehole, who have been with the club for over 20 years, joining up during the days of Martin O’Neill, Beaglehole has also been interim manager of the first team, and seen as a one of the real classics among footballing men with such a long time at one single club.

The academy staff is set up by many faces, and the structure and quality is fantastic, as they bring forward one talent after another on a yearly basis, with names such as Harvey Barnes, Hamza Choudhury, Ben Chilwell and Luke Thomas all graduating in style and being fantastic and good additions to the first team over time.

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