Leicester 1, Arsenal 3, positives and negatives, player ratings, and match report

Another experimental approach from Brendan Rodgers, and another random selection that of course makes this a gamble and discarding the opponent is not always positive, and the fact that Leicester took the lead early on, was not at all a picture of the game.

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Arsenal left Odegaard and Aubameyang on the bench and it should have been the perfect day to get something out off, but instead it all ended as the worst ever scenario. After that great 1-0 goal from Youri Tielemans, it was like the engine was turned off and it all went badly.

Arsenal took over more and more and after a number of attempts, it was time for that first goal after 39 minutes, David Luiz scoring from close range. Arsenal pushed on for a second and really terrorized the Leicester City defence and especially Luke Thomas had a difficult first half.

We all hoped that Leicester City would come back and fought on, but with Wilfred Ndidi making a “spider” of himself and getting hit by a Pepe shot inside the penalty box, everything went from bad to worse as Lacazette scored easily from the penalty spot. Arsenal were 2-1 up.

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Martin Odegaard entered the field late in the first half and with him on the field, to just ignore the fact that Arsenal had the upper hand in midfield with Leicester playing Tielemans and Ndidi in there on their own, with Iheanacho and Vardy up front, it was obvious that this would just be a day without any hope of a win.

Instead Arsenal with Odegaard setting a great attack playing Leicester like little kids, as Pepe just pushed the ball over the line, it was obvious that another nightmare at home was a fact, then to lose Harvey Barnes just minutes before with an injury that looked serious, it was just not the day to celebrate and King Power Stadium looks as a difficult ground for Leicester at the moment.

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A few attempts in the end to try to score faded into nothing as Arsenal just perfectly outplayed Leicester and the injury situation and random system and player change is heavily dramatic and a problem to address.

  • Positives
    • Tielemans scoring and being able to take the lead after just 6 minutes
  • Negatives:
    • Juggling with system and players, not really understanding Rodgers approach
    • Injuries and problems, not able to get any balance in the team
    • Brendan Rodgers is not following the guidelines, and just juggling everything
    • Wrong team selection, changing the system to 4-4-2, why not just play 4-3-3 as he has done, or for those who want it more cut up, 4-2-3-1, sorry, football is about a goalkeeper, defence, midfield and forwards, everything else is just adjustments
    • Having problems understanding why every manager Leicester City appoint starts doing errors you would believe never would happen, sorry.
    • Not analyzing Arsenal and expose Luke Thomas in a way that makes the player look stupid, with Castagne and Pereira both available there is no doubt about were to use them, please go back to KISS
    • Mendy, Ndidi and Tielemans were available today, why not just push Tielemans up in the Maddison role and slot Mendy in, to just balance the midfield. Albrighton is in and out, and this is a nightmare to watch, with both Castagne and Pereira available just play them to the right and left in defence, sick and tired of this silliness.
  • Player Ratings: Schmeichel 5, Castagne 5, Soyuncu 5, Evans 5, Thomas 3, Tielemans 6, Ndidi 5, Barnes 5, Iheanacho 3, Vardy 3, Pereira 5 Subs: Albrighton, Under, Amartey
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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Youri Tielemans

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 44 / 56
  • Corners: 2 / 7
  • Shots on target: 3 / 4
  • Fouls: 15 / 3

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