Thank you for the music, Leicester City with new lift in exciting project

A silent revolution is on at Leicester City as the women team are taking new steps and their recent promotion to the top flight is also a clear and direct indication showing that the club are not just focusing on the male area of football.

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England is a bit of a development country in recognizing the fact that woman can be force in this sport, with the English FA seen as an organization trying to really stop the development of the sport in all, making it illegal for woman to play the game for several years. The history of the sport is interesting reading with the women attracting crowds over 50 000 to games during the World War I, and to see this lock on women football is almost a crime, done by men, as the sports could have suffered for so many years, but not anymore.

To see Leicester City getting up there among the best teams and that focus on the women game is getting more and more attention is of course fantastic. This will also bring the club further in building their brand as it’s no opposition inside a club to roll out a plan to bring more people closer to the club.

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The next move for Leicester City must be to build the brand even further as the women game gets more attention and just make this club a force on a broader level. Hopefully the football will reach the quality needed to see this game, on it’s own standards, making it exciting and fun to watch, and getting there could attract crowds as the men and women team changed to play home and away at King Power Stadium, with games coming up every weekend at home, branding a season ticket even more.

We all know that it’s early days in the professional women game, but all in all, it’s fantastic to see Leicester City doing so well and great to see that happening.

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The team have a number of exciting prospects and you should take notice of names such as Natashi Flint, a fine goalscorer, the 24 year with 16 goals in 18 games. Millie Farrow is another player to watch as she is taking steps. 23 year old midfielder Charlotte Devlin and Paige Bailey-Gayle, just 19, are also good prospects. Scottish and Dutch players are also in the squad, Sophie Howard and Esmee De Graaf are two defenders to recognize. Young talent in 18 year old Lechante Paul must not either be forgotten.

The team has progressed season by season and are put together by first team coach Jonathan Morgan, with set up based on local talent, and additions from other clubs, and of course adding more quality from outside has been a key to win promotion. A number of players are recruited from clubs such as Arsenal, Hoffenheim. Everton and Reading, with midfielder Remi Allen being the one with a long and great experience, 30 years of age. Not to forget Holly Morgan, the captain, who has spent 16 years at the club, and is a key player in a defenders position.

Brendan Rodgers also credited them with a nice tweet and commentating on it as they are progressing into a new era.

Following Leicester City women is of course possible from the official site, but also this site is good and giving good attention with following up on games and results, again congratulations to the women team for their great achievement.

The TCF website will from next season also put up a page with all results, important links and a also giving a following up on different aspects of the team and their performances, some transfer news and such. Also a new category added, LCFC Women, as you can find it all from all pages under it’s own section.

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