New kit on the block, FBS, who are you? Barcelona?, fans talk and their verdicts

Leicester City revealed their new kit for the game v. Tottenham as is usual in the last game of the season, has been for a while. The colours are classical blue shirt, white shorts, blue stockings, and with Adidas as supplier, you have the quality.

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Not to easy to get everything fresh and wonderful everytime with a new flaming pattern this time, with different shades of blue in there. The kit started to look fantastic when Jamie Vardy scored twice and it looked as “luck”, but it all soured towards the end, nothing to do with the kit, but if that kit had taken us into the Champions League you would have loved it all the way, but now with the result, you will think, that was the one that was used when losing out on the CL places.

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King Power on the front is gone, FBS is the new shirt sponsor. So who are they, a currency broker, working in the international forex business. They are also a sponsor of Barcelona, and of course it’s something new for the fans to have a look at with the sleeve sponsor just being the same as last season, BIA Saigon.

So the combination money and beer should be the fix for next season, hopefully it will work out wonderfully and if we finish 5th in the PL and are picking up the FA Cup again, no one would complain.

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We are now looking forward to the summer, waiting on the reserve kit and the 3rd kit as they will be shown soon and hopefully do have interesting looks and colours. Could it be mint or other new colours, who knows, we are looking forward anyway.

So what does the fans think about the new kit,

Despite the fact that it’s not a TCF favorite, many fans really like the new kit, a few reactions from the Foxes Talk forum,

Pliskin says, it’s genuinely really nice, LCFC1996 compare the look to Bukta, Bennytwohats, have the same view as TCF, Not a fan, but i’m sure it will grow on me,

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Anyway always a thrill to get something new, the keeper kits are in black, green and yellow, nicely fitting Kasper Schmeichel and hopefully Danny Ward will be good in it too.

If you like to pre order the new kit, you can do that via this link

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