James Maddison to Arsenal, why it makes perfectly sense!

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Rumours about a big major move from Leicester has been there all summer. Last summer and in the January transfer window James Maddison moving to Manchester United was a talk that appeared, then Youri Tielemans was also linked with Old Trafford, but nothing materialised. This summer Anfield and Liverpool was talked about for Tielemans, but with that move looking unlikely, then James Maddison to Arsenal is the one transfer we believe will be happening.

Wilfred Ndidi is also seen as a player that could be a big money mover, but this summer he has not been seen as a target and we all believe the elegant midfielder will be at the club over the two next transfer windows.

The money suggested would not be a problem for Arsenal as they have the volume to make such a move happen and their financial muscles are huge, and to get a top quality PL home grown player in, must be a major priority with a group mostly put together by talented youngsters and more experienced players signed from abroad.

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James Maddison played first half in the first pre-season friendly for Leicester away to Burton and it all ended in a draw with Maddison leaving the field after first half, playing in a very unsettled line-up that didn’t really tell anything about his future role at Leicester next season, with Youri Tielemans back and Boubakary Soumare now on place, it will be a dilemma for Brendan Rodgers, and to keep Maddison on the fringe will not be an option, then his value will sink and his status in the group be lowered.

When you see so called experts talking about shirt numbers as a factor for not moving to a club, then you have lost the eye sight of transfers as they are never really based on shirt numbers available, that would be the last sign of a transfer, as players use numbers of any kind these days.

Leicester do have to balance their books and the only way to do that over this summer is to make a big sale, and again let fringe players leave and with Brendan Rodgers he doesn’t like a massive group of players around as he tends to have a smaller group to choose from.

James Maddison can play in a set of roles and has done so at Leicester. He can operate wide in a 4-4-2, he can operate as the one just behind the top forward in a 4-4-1-1. He is able to play in several roles in a 4-3-3, either in a wide area position up front or one of the two midfield roles either to the left or right. He is not one cemented to one special role as many believe or say he is.

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Today he played in a position just in front of Soumare and Choudhury in a switch three in midfield, with shirt number 10. Messi is a 10 at Barcelona, and he does not operate in the same way, not at all, so numbers are just numbers, you can’t read anything out of it.

The fact that Leicester simply can’t have figures in their annual financial reporting showing great losses and keep up with financial fair play, they need to balance their books and with the loss from previous year you will see one big money move this summer. With the two new players added to the squad for major fees there will be no way Leicester can keep James Maddison, if they are to keep Youri Tielemans or Wilfred Ndidi, their biggest selling objects. Harvey Barnes is also a player that would bring in a monumental fee, but he will not be sold, not in this window.

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