All the colours of Jamie Vardy, Leicester away kits on his fantastic journey!

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Today we did see Jamie Vardy wearing new colours of the season, going into the game v. QPR as captain of the side and wearing mint colours. In his first season with Leicester City, nine years ago, seems so much longer as the highlights has come thick and fast during his days at this football club.

He was signed from Fleetwood Town for £1million, a major fee and to date the record paid for a non-league player, and since that day and his league debut, against Peterborough United, a game where he partnered Jermaine Beckford up front. Leicester won the clash 2-0 and to be present on the day was of course special.

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We have followed the journey of Jamie Vardy with special eyes as his run of football life is different and keeping the fairy stories to still live on. That first season became a bit difficult for the player as he was out of the first team for a while, receiving grim reviews and being bullied by his own fans on social media, but convinced by Nigel Pearson and Craig Shakespeare to continue, at one time considering retirement, before returning close to the end of the season, adding up 26 games and scoring 4 goals, getting his first goal in the league against Blackburn away. He was seen in a play-off’s as a sub together with Harry Kane and Danny Drinkwater, all later playing for England.

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The next season he had a better run and as we all remember being influential as Leicester did win the Championship title playing 37 of those league games and scoring 16 goals. Leicester appeared in three different shirts that season, and appearing of course in the blue and white, but also in a grey strip with a bit of yellow. After that impressive win we all remember the start of the new campaign and the big breakthrough for Jamie as he scored two goals in that fantastic 5-3 win v. Man Utd, that was just a monumental performance and one we never forget.

During that first season back in the Premier League we did see Leicester appear in red for the first time in many many years as the eighties was the last time a team had such colour, and of course remembering the Admiral strip from the 70’s all red, as Dennis Rofe and Steve Whitworth appeared in different colour shots, not used much and a kit seen as unlucky as Leicester failed to win. They also used red in the late 60’s as a change colour.

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Jamie also made his full England debut in that first season back in the top flight and during those late days of the season really setting his mark on the Premier League and got his goalscoring going as Leicester secured a new season in the top flight.

Though his form was rising he didn’t manage more than 5 goals in 34 games, but anyway it all came down to be called “great escape” and so it was. The kit away kits were changed for that next and very memorable season, being seen in black mostly if not wearing the blue as was the most used seeing the man of the moment flying and scoring 24 goals in 36 league games and suddenly being the hottest property in English football with all the vultures flying in the sky to try to grab our jewel out of the hands of the club.

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But as we all know Jamie stayed loyal to Leicester, signed a long term deal, one he later med a new extension to and stayed loyal and has been a pivotal player during a number of seasons just hammering goals season in and season out.

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That black kit was used on several occasions in that great season as for the next one it was back in red again and that white outfit which never will go in history as great, nor the red outfit, but anyway still part of the journey, and later as we all know the kits have come in colours we have not seen a Leicester shirt in before or after.

A bit of dip in form in the league and the departure of Claudio Ranieri did become a reality during a season with a number of highlights in the Champions League seeing Leicester as the best English team in the tournament ending in the quarters v. Atletico Madrid after some of the greatest performances being on show at King Power, playing the Spanish giants of the turf and really showing greatness, but sadly it never appeared to be seen as a highlight as things never worked in the favour of going through and the CL adventure stopped in the those quarter finals.

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Going into the next one the 2017/18 season where Jamie Vardy again turned up in new and different colours as Leicester appeared in a all black kit with a bit of golden in and around. The season was one seeing Craig Shakespeare leave and Claude Puel entering the premises and not really a good one but for Jamie that didn’t matter much as he scored 20 new goals in the PL, and kept his momentum and going to the World Cup later that 2018 summer.

The next season also became a bit of struggle with Claude Puel seeing the end of his time and Brendan Rodgers taking over and really putting things back in place and as that season came to an end Leicester had finished well in certainty of a new year in the PL.

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Leicester and Adidas started their partnership that summer of 2018 and that grey strip with dark yellow or close to orange became a favorite by many, remembering Matt Elliott saying he liked it, but a bit different, it didn’t last and was not part of the collection when the next season came a long.

Leicester and Jamie Vardy turned up in black again in the 2019/20 season and he continued scoring through the campaign and ending up as the Golden Boot winner, scoring 23 goals along the line.

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Two seasons ago we did see a new turn in kits and away choices as Leicester turned up in a pink one, another not seen as a survivor and possibly and hopefully not returning as it was not the finest of outfits. Leicester did use it on several occasions and Jamie Vardy did score in it as well.

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Leicester never had any luck in that outfit and used it seldom but at Chelsea we did see Leicester in pink, managing a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge, remembering that great goal scored from a screaming header by Wilfred Ndidi.

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Last season Leicester turned up in maroon colours and took home the FA Cup in that strip and as we all know will be iconic as it might not return again, it was one of those lucky once as well, did never loose in that shirt.

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Going into this season we have seen the mint and dark blue one, the new home kit and waiting on that third one and as it will appear Jamie Vardy will again turn out in a new outfit and his different colours don’t seem to upset him as he just continues scoring goals whatever colours he wear.

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