Not the best fans reviews as Leicester launch something new and special, a totally different look

After a bit of speculation about the new third kit with the blue and white traditional kit launched at the last PL game last season and getting the mint version a bit later and in time for those pre-season games, we know, just minutes before the opener of the season got to see the third.

We do like the two earlier launched, then to be honest, this third kit looks a bit odd, in onyx and pink, but it might be modern and give impression of what to expect next season. A kit that will stand out and be remembered as it is unique and special.

Harvey Barnes, Patson Daka and Bouba Soumare were the players in the first pictures, also seeing women team player Paige Bailey-Gayle in there.

Comments from fans are different, but we do need to see the shorts and stockings to really make a good judgement, and with the mint version and that dark blue combination it really looks good, but just seeing the top might not be enough to get the total and correct impression.

We will not see this kit in a lot of games over the next season, but again to move away from the all white, and also skipping black and as we like it with that blue ribbon, it will be showing Leicester in new colours and that could bring hope of major interest as the kit will go on sale in the club shop on Friday.

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The kit is lightweight fabric finished in Adidas aeroready technology. The price is £60 for adults and kids have to pay £45. If you are a collector this kit will probably be cult and as a few others a one of a kind.

Shop – Leicester

Comments from fans are out there and mostly a bit negative, but again hopefully as said, seeing the shorts and stockings will give a better view of what it in total will look like. If you like to explore and look at this season and previous seasons kits, you are one click away.


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