LCFC u.18 with promising start and are “one to watch” as they show great progress in Premier League South

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We all know how exciting it is to watch the youth players making the grade at the club and often do wonder if more players had been nursed forward getting the correct treatment and been able to take the next step. This is always a difficult situation and to get back into the top when first taking the step out of it by joining a club in the lower tiers, you can fast be lost in your own career.

Looking at the U.18’s at the moment they are doing really well and are fifth in the table with 6 games played, four wins and two defeats. The following stats are counted, the opener v. Crystal Palace ended in a 3-1 defeat at home, then a strong 1-0 away win v. Brighton, followed up by a 2-1 win at home to Reading. Seeing defeat 1-3 away to West Ham before adding up three wins in a row, defeating Chelsea 1-0, Southampton 3-0 and Newcastle 3-1.

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A recent good run of results makes it exciting to watch as a number of these players also are getting games in the U.23’s with Will Alves taking a huge step, and against The Magpies, showing great strength with all three assists in the game.

With a number of goals scored you are of course curious who are the leading scorers, finding the summer signing from Manchester United, Chris Popov high on the list with 3 goals so far. The Wales youth international is a very interesting player as his progress is closely monitored and followed and certainly “one to watch”.

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Another attacker and goalscorer is Kian Pennant, with 4 goals so far. An exciting player and also playing in the U.23’s at present. The 17 year old will hopefully have a future at the club as he progress further. Sam Braybrooke is another great prospect wit the England U.18 international allready pushed up and doing a grand job in the U.23’s and at present given space for other players as he has jumped up a step hopefully growin into a first team player really soon. Footwear Sale, New Styles Added, and Free Shipping With Code: SHIPFW

You have other names as well to watch, such as defender Henry Cartwright, midfielders Harvey Godsmark-Ford and Jack Butterfill, the latter with 2 goals so far in the these opening games. Goalkeeper Kelechi Chibueze who joined the club from Chelsea is also a grand talent and hopefully he will progress.

With a bit of a difficult start it looks more promising and hopefully players will grow and compete further to see Leicester more and more depending on their own academy instead of buying players as the new training facilities and enivornement should of course be a tool to get more players through from your own ranks.

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Sad really to watch Jeffrey Schlupp destroying a perfect day for Leicester as he scored for Crystal Palace and stopped the hope of bringing all points back to Leicester, he is one of our own and another example of a player that got away without really getting the best out of his time with the club, but of course as we all know being at the club when winning Premier League.

Always be up to date with the status of the U.18’s following our link to all the important stats and facts.


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