A key point and massive signal, midfielder looks certain on decision, Liverpool, Man Utd and Barcelona will not be happy with this outfall

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Watching Leicester taking on Manchester United yesterday was as thrilling as some of the better highlights from previous seasons and really showing that this club are going places.

This might also be the game that would finally see Brendan Rodgers winning a massive battle to keep Youri Tielemans at the club and get his signature on his new long term contract.

When Youri scored his magnificant goal yesterday he did something that would surely not happen if he was to leave the club. He touched the Leicester badge on his shirt the way every fan inside the stadium and in front of the tv would love to see. He showed his emotions and how much he loves it at Leicester. We surely believe he will put pen to paper and sign his new deal.

A new deal will truly see Tielemans at Leicester for at least four more years with his current contract running to the end of June 2023.

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The fact that Leicester hammered Manchester United yesterday and watching aging stars such as Matic and Ronaldo not really getting it floating, might have given Tielemans the belief that he can stay at Leicester and get his dreams through and lift more trophies and following in the footsteps of Jamie Vardy to become a club legend. This would probably suit him better than to fly out to Barcelona or Real Madrid, with Liverpool and Man Utd not happy about such a scenario happening.

Tielemans role in the Leicester team is so cemented that no other player will be getting in if he continues as he does at the moment. Brendan Rodgers also pointing out that he has only one ambition and that is to stay at Leicester, makes it another key reason for Tielemans to sign.

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We all know that Brendan Rodgers is a clever man, and often getting his tactical theories correctly and also being bold and unpredictable at times, which can upset other teams as you don’t know what face he puts on his team from game to game. The fact that Leicester are signing young and up and coming players is also something we believe will be a key fact in the decission of Youri Tielemans to sign his new deal.

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TCF believe that keeping the best players, trying to nurse forward talent from the academy and just buying or adding players when really the first team positions needs a push and then be able to fight for the absolute elite of players will be the next step forward for the club as too many players in the past are bought in and just being left on the sidelines which must be addressed heavily as the club move forward.

We do also hope that James Maddison will continue and we do believe that nothing will happen to him over the January transfer window, but with Arsenal and Tottenham both interested, it could be difficult to hold on to both players, but we certainly hope and believe that it will be possible, at least until next summer.

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The current takeover at Newcastle has hit the media in a way that it looks as if they have been a fly on the wall in the takeover, but please start to drink cold water instead of expensive champagne. Newcastle might be rich, but to get every player with a bit of talent to sign for Magpies, will not happen. These owners are not desperate and they will probably look at other clubs and how they made their progress, and it’s not by throwing money around. The new owners of Newcastle are not foolish trolls who will go bananas in the transfer market and sign everything that sounds like fun.

We will certainly see progress, maybe a manager change and new players coming in, but we do not believe that they will attract the likes of Youri Tielemans and James Maddison, and as we know Brendan Rodgers has made it perfectly clear that he will not be affected by talks of him taking over at St. James Park, but be consentrated on the job he has at the moment at Leicester.

Still very early days, but you can as always follow up on those rumours out there, enter here.


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