Goalkeeper job at Leicester could soon be vacant who will be alternatives going forward

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Kasper Schmeichel is today the ultimate answer for the goalkeeper job at the club. But he will not last forever or could he go on into his 40’s? We believe that when a goalkeeper reach the years of 36 to 38, you should at least keep attention to the situation and have an alternative lined up.

Eldin Jakupovic will most certainly not be an alternative, but with Danny Ward and Daniel Iversen you have two that could both be in line to become the next one, looking back the club tends to go out and buy a new alternative.

We have seen a number of different scenarios over the years looking back to the early 60’s with a certain Gordon Banks as the number one choice. His successor was Peter Shilton, in his teens at the time, and a seldom act to see in football, but Shilts also followed Banks to the England scene, so that was that scenario.

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When Peter Shilton was sold, Mark Wallington took over and to date the goalkeeper with most league appearances for the club ever. Signed a few years before Shilton departed for a lower fee from Walsall and then brought forward. He never played for England but certainly showed great from as he kept his position for 10 years or so before another youngster took over, Ian Andrews. Andrews became the fourth goalkeeper in this era to get his tally of league games over the 100 league appearances mark.

When Ian Andrews left Leicester did see decline and we had to wait for Kevin Poole who also landed on more than 100 league appearances, not always being first choice but coming back and winning a place in the hearts of fans. Kasey Keller came in and the USA international was the first foreign goalkeeper to be considered first choice at the club.

Moving forward Tim Flowers took over, as Keller not reaching 100 league appearances, but still a steady first choice for a couple of seasons. Ian Walker came in and had a good run. Walker following Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton in the line of goalkeepers capped by England.

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After the years of Ian Walker, who left the club in 2005, this position wasn’t really settled before Kasper Schmeichel turned up in 2011 and made the position his and today a certain and steady choice at least for a number of more seasons.

Danny Ward could be an alternative, so could Daniel Iverson and we do believe that both of them are talented enough to follow in he footsteps of Kasper as Leicester’s first choice in the years to come.

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Kasper Schmeichel is one player that will certainly be challenged, but could also as his father jump on a chance to play somewhere else after the World Cup in 2022, as we believe that will also be his big chance to go all the way with Denmark. It could also be the perfect time for Leicester to look for other options.

The list of goalkeepers with more than 100 league appearances for Leicester City, 1960 and forward,

  • Gordon Banks (1959-1967) 293/0, Chesterfield, England (73 caps)
  • Peter Shilton (1966-1974) 286/1, LCYA, England (125 caps)
  • Mark Wallington (1972-1985) 412/0, Walsall
  • Ian Andrews (1982-1988) 126/0, LCYA
  • Kevin Poole (1991-1997) 163/0, Middlesbrough
  • Ian Walker (2002-2005) 140/0, Tottenham, England (4 caps)
  • Kasper Schmeichel (2011->) 387/0, Leeds, Denmark (76 caps)


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