Leicester manager sacked with former Liverpool and England man taking over, will miracles appear

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Emile Heskey has stepped in to take over from Jonathan Morgan who was sacked from his position as manager of Leicester Women that this season has seen a massive struggle and after eight games still without a single point in the hat and bottom of the league.

Emile Heskey will step in from his current position as head of development of women football at Leicester. Michael Makoni and Holly Morgan have also left the club both were part of Jonathan Morgan’s coaching staff.

Emile has a grand background as player and of course fantastic to see him going all in as manager for a team that has struggled heavily after last years promotion to the top shelf.

Leicester knows how important the integration of women in football is and what great future football clubs being a full party of football and to build a magic brand you need all and everyone in at all levels.

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We will of course follow the future closely and of course to have such a massive figure inside the club in charge makes the future very interesting.

We did see Phil Neville taking the England Women job and jumped back the male game. Often seen in Sweden and Norway as well as the coaching is a parallel affair with Per Mathias Hogmo, currently in charge of Hacken in Allsvenskan, has been the head coach of both the men and woman team of Norway. Winning the olympic gold in Sidney with the women’s team.

With Emile Heskey you have a similiar character with a high profile in the mens game and know entering the World of women football as a manager, interesting watch.

We wish our club hero all the best as he now takes on a new and exciting adventure in football, hopefully he will be able to bring what is needed to get the team firstly points then hope for a survival, but as we see it a learning curve for both manager and players going forward.


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