Unique stats from a special tv event in Scandinavia Leicester in there with players and goals ending in a 4-4 closure

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NRK and SVT are the two broadcasting companies of the Norwegian and Swedish state. They had the thrill of televising English football to their countries audience from 1969 to 1995. It was special, in winter time, getting live games on telly every Saturday and in many ways building the unique connection between English football and the following from Norway and Sweden.

Back then it was not usual to travel to England watching live games. Following it all from over the sea as the games came into our living rooms Saturday afternoon and with the Midlands as the major covering. Leicester, Derby, Stoke, Wolves and Coventry were often on show at their home grounds.

Leicester first appeared in a game vs. Cardiff and at the time a team in the 2nd tier, due to postponed matches they had this as an alternative, and despite being defeated at Ninian Park, Leicester made an impact. Leicester were back on the screen just two weeks after and then they won their home game vs. Sunderland.

Rodney Fern was the first Leicester goalscorer, Bobby Roberts the second as he grabbed the winner at home vs. Sunderland. Then a period of two years went along before Leicester again appeared on the telly as a televised Saturday game this time at home vs. West Ham. Leicester were back up in the top flight and managed a 2-0 win at home. David Nish scored both goals, Mark Wallington made his debut at the age of 19.

Leicester were back on in December the same year, a new season and a new game and strangely enough against West Ham. Frank Worthington had arrived at Leicester from Huddersfield and his appearance made the day for Leicester. Leicester won 2-1. Frank Worthington and John Farrington scored the goals.

Leicester probably made new friends in Scandinavia during a run of four tv games, winning three and that one first defeat, showing class when shown. Leicester pushed themselves up the table in the 1972/73 being in the relegation zone early on but finishing 16th in the end with this 2-1 win as a pivotal result.

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Leicester were on again in October 1973 playing Burnley, winning 2-0. Len Glover and Mike Stringfellow scored. We where lucky getting back on just weeks after vs. Tottenham. A new fantastic display from Leicester defeating Spurs 3-0. Steve Earle and Arne Scheie both made their debut that December day. Earle as a Leicester player and Scheie as the Norwegian commentator. Scheie is by many seen as the most iconic commentator of sports in this country going into retiremet not long ago. Meeting him he will always pinpoint this game between Leicester and Spurs as one of his most memorable moments in life.

After watching Leicester in games from 1969 to 1973 they had grand stats with five wins, no draws and one single defeat. Another three years went by with other teams chosen. Leicester came on again after a three year wait, November 1976, playing Man Utd at home. A 1-1 draw, Chris Garland scored. This was the first season in that magic Admiral outfit.

They were also on for two new games later that season vs. Aston Villa and Arsenal. A funny story with the Arsenal game, Leicester won 4-1, but it was not a live game, being from the 23rd of October the year before. Send due to a postponed game and no chance to get another game live, Leicester vs. Arsenal became that Saturday’s highlight. Leicester were again chosen in February playing Ipswich, winning the game 1-0. Steve Earle scored the goal at Filbert Street.

The another wait for two years before that fantastic FA Cup 3rd round win vs. Norwich. Keith Weller playing the game in white tights and showing that he still had the technique and skills to win a game almost on his own, magic that February day at Filbert Street.

Leicester was fast back again just two weeks later. Leicester still had their special tent and could play on while other clubs had games postponed. It was a new game from Filbert Street live and what a game. Leicester played Newcastle and came out with a new win, 2-1. Goals from two young teenagers, Andy Peake and David Buchanan.

We had to wait a long time for the next game featuring Leicester. The were not live again before 1986. A home game vs. West Ham made Tippekampen return to Filbert Street. It was January 1986 and West Ham had a grand team, Leicester were defeated 1-0.

The last game ever to be seen as the legendary Tippekampen with Leicester involved was a 4-4 draw vs. Crystal Palace and the game was a 2nd tier fixture. Goals from Tony Brien, Gary McAllister, Paul Reid and Steve Wilkinson did see the end of Leicester appearances in this very special event.

NRK showed their last Tippekampen in April 1995, soon to be 26 years ago. A game between West Ham and Nottingham Forest ending in a 1-1 draw. with Tony Cottee and Stan Collymore playing that game for their clubs. Leicester player to be Stan Collymore became the last goalscorer in a Tippekampen game scoring a late equalizer for Forest in the 85th minute of the game.

We all know how football on tv have evolved in recent time and today most games are shown and you get everything covered, so those unique happenings are a bit watered out, but again you get what you like to watch and that makes it easy to follow Leicester on telly.

A number of fun facts from those special football games.

  • Tippekampen
    • Leicester City, 14 games
      • 13.12.69, Cardiff, Away, 1-2, (L) G: Rodney Fern
      • 03.01.70, Sunderland, Home, 1-0 (W) G: Bobby Roberts
      • 11.03.72, West Ham, Home, 2-0 (W) G: David Nish 2
      • 30.12.72, West Ham, Home, 2-1 (W) G: Frank Worthington, John Farrington
      • 17.11.73, Burnley, Home, 2-0 (W) G: Len Glover, Mike Stringfellow
      • 01.12.73, Tottenham, 3-0 (W) G: Len Glover 2, Steve Earle
      • 20.11.76, Man Utd, 1-1 (D) G: Chris Garland
      • 08.01.77, Aston Villa, 0-1 (L)
      • 15.02.77, Arsenal, 4-1 (W) G: Keith Weller 2, Steve Earle, Frank Worthington *
      • 19.02.77, Ipswich, 1-0 (W) G: Steve Earle
      • 06.01.79, Norwich, 3-0 (W) G: Martin Henderson, Larry May, Keith Weller
      • 17.02.79, Newcastle, 2-1 (W) G: Andy Peake, David Buchanan
      • 11.01.86, West Ham, 0-1 (L)
      • 02.02.88, Crystal Palace, 4-4 (D) G: Tony Brien, Gary McAllister, Paul Reid, Steve Wilkinson


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