Everton build a league winning outfit on fringe, lower league and forgotten heroes among those also a fox in the making

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Leicester will play Everton tomorrow in a game that can turn out as a break or make for The Toffees. Everton are down in the relegation zone and in a bit of shocking situation. Burnley and Leeds are the close fighters in the battle, and the outcome of it all is far from settled.

We all know that it will be terrible for Everton to see a relegation, but instead of building a team on local talent, fringe and lower league heroes, they have prompted for the obvious and use too much money on players not really as good as they were seen on paper.

Going back the the eighties you had seen a very different scenario with a certain Howard Kendall building it all up with a formula close to the one Leicester used when they found their magic six years ago.

We all know that our hero Gary Lineker moved to Everton, but had no luck in bringing in any trophies losing out to neighbour Liverpool who won both FA Cup and League in Gary’s only season at Goodison Park before his move to Barcelona.

Everton won two league trophies in this decade, one in 84/85 and the other in 86/87. Gary Lineker missed his chance in the season between, but Wayne Clarke, also with Leicester at a later stage had his glory. Arriving from Birmingham, the younger brother of Allan, looked to be a promising player and the one seen at the time as Lineker’s successor.

Wayne Clarke was the opposite of Lineker as his move was one of those seen as a shrewd and clever buy, while Lineker was an expensive, but still predicted move as his value and status had been taken to England level before moving to Merseyside.

Gary Lineker did not fit the pattern of that Everton team as his star mark never really became the formula of winning trophies as more not so obvious signings made their full breakthrough at Everton or just came back from a life in the shadows at other clubs.

Andy Gray and Peter Reid were two fantastic examples that over their years at Everton returned to the very top and above their past at Wolves and Bolton. Both seen relegation and injuries almost ruining their football career, but like a miracle the two became fantastic players at Everton.

Wayne Clarke scored 18 goals in 57 league games for Everton, before being part of the Mike Newell move from Leicester to Everton as he switched the other way. As his brother, the stay at Leicester was short lived and he moved on during the same 88/89 season to Manchester City.

With the thoughts of Everton from their best days signing those fringe fantastics, bringing back forgotten men and also having a few home growns made the formula perfect.


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