Leicester finish season away to Spurs with line-up confirmed and top flight football allready secured for next campaign

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Leicester women will face Spurs away today and of course ready to build on their 0-0 home draw vs. Reading in their previous game.

Birmingham is the only team to leave the top flight and Leicester staying 2nd from bottom with five points clearance makes it a day just to enjoy and hopefully pick up some positives along the way.

Tottenham are currently 5th in the table and a win would see them staying in that position at closing time. For Leicester is more of a game to look forward to and hopefully get something out of it as their position can not be changed either up or down.

The first ever top flight experience ends with a new chance to climb further next season and build on their experiences from this campaign.

Lydia Bedford came in mid through the season to take over from Jonathan Morgan who had taken the team into the top flight and really been a talisman for women football in and around the county.

A push for promotion last season and a steady walk to safety in this run ws of course the main ambition and with Emile Heskey and Lydia Bedford coming in and hopefully bringing a more professional approach to the set up might be what was needed though seeing Jonathan leave was not perfect.

For all involved over the last years and also in this campaign it was fantastic to see the milestone reached and hopefully adding more fuel to the fire next season as the engine will continue running for a better position in the table next season.

The main job for next season must be to start scoring more goals and try to improve as negative results and massive defeats against the top sides cannot continue, before the draw vs. Reading it was a really a grim scenario with 0-4 vs. Man Utd, 0-5 vs. Arsenal and 0-9 vs. Chelsea.

To follow the women on for next season and of course through pre-season, we can recommend the following links, as attention will grow. Seeing the team also play their home fixtures at King Power Stadium must be a massive thrill and hopefully with more positive results attract crowds to the games.


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