Premier League opener vs. Brentford gives excting wibes as red and white makes us all ready for something special

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A season opener against a team in red and white can give us all hope of something special. We all have fond memories from that back in 2015/16 when Sunderland came to King Power as the first team of the that special football season.

We will see a number of exciting games early on as Arsenal (A), Southampton (H), Chelsea (A) and Man Utd (H) are next on the list. This is an exciting schedule and hopefully points will be in the bag early on.

The red and white stripes of Brentford might be a good opener, and as we have over they years seen other teams of that colour kit coming to town, we have the following outcome.

The 4-2 win at home vs. Sunderland became a cult win as it all ended in a great Premier League winning campaign. Since that day we have had openers away to Hull (16/17), Arsenal (17/18), Man Utd (18/19), West Brom (20/21). There are only two openers since at King Power both actually against neighbour Wolves in 19/20 and 21/22.

Looking back at former openers against those special red and white striped colour teams we will give you a clue. Before that we have to go back to 05/06 when playing Sheffield United ending in a terrible 1-4 defeat but it was away at Bramall Lane.

Leicester had an 2-2 opener vs. Southampton in 03/04 at King Power. One exciting opener after returning to Premier League action. Les Ferdinand and Paul Dickov scoring. 96/97 and 95/96 both opening games was away to Sunderland. A win and a draw on those occasions.

To find a new opener against a team in red and white was a tall order as it became a long period of years not seeing that happening again as far back as the 63/64 season. A 3-3 draw away at Roker Park. Stringfellow, Sweenie and Keyworth being the goalscorers.

We certainly are looking forward to that opener vs. Brentford and of course hopefully will see Leicester off with a flying start.


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