Leicester breaks transfer record and Kasper Schmeichel is the latest link as we get close to pre-season opener

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The last official fixture between Leicester and Notts County is almost as long ago as when Leicester made their first ever signing above £1million.

Notts County might be triggered to mention that very last fixture between the two clubs going back 28 years. Magpies did scare Leicester on the day winning 4-1. A certain Mark Draper must have ticked every box on Brian Little’s transfer target list.

In the summer after as Leicester signed Mark Draper for £1.25million and despite that heavy loss at Meadow Lane managed to get up via that special play-off final vs. Derby.

Leicester will play Notts County behind closed doors as they meet at Seagrave. Later in the month Magpies fans might be more satisified as newly Premier League promoted city neighbour Forest will come visit for a major friendly as the two Nottingham clubs probably will pack the stadium.

Notts County have seen a bit of decline since their major attempt to push for promoitions as Kasper Schmeichel was signed from Manchester City playing in a team with a certain Sol Campbell also in there. A posh recruitment policy with long term deals established under leadership of former Leicester manager Sven Goran Eriksson, made an air-castle build up with a ghost ownership and different trails to uncertain areas. Kasper left the club after a season and joined Leeds as other top profile players also vanished and found other places for work.

Today the club is in a very different state and looks to build on a healthy route of long term settlements as they bring in players at a modest and qualified budget. Head coach Luke Williams has been busy in the transfer window this summer and so far added 6 new players to their list of new faces, but also seen a couple of players moving up to join the likes of Hartlepool and Stockport.

There are a number of players who have been in both camps. Alan Birchenall, Trevor Christie, Eddie Kelly, Mark Goodwin and Willie Carlin are some of them from far back. Former Leicester manager Martin O’Neill did also play for the club as an season opener in 1983 comes to mind as a terrible memory from Filbert Street. Leicester as newly promoted had to see Notts County going home with a 4-0 win. MON scored the opener and former fox Trevor Christie continued the scoring with a hat-trick.

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers might not be playing his best eleven, but we still believe that none of those two highlighted events from the past will be repeated.

Notts County is a club that belongs in League football and to see them out of the top four is not fun, hopefully their Danish owners will manage to build on their last three seasons with a play-off final at Wembley in 2020 and 5th places from the two previous seasons.


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