Youri Tielemans first link looks the obvious as Arsenal again are seen as favorites in this strange transfer race

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As we follow with great interest the steps in the saga of Youri Tielemans. A certain pattern makes it impossible to rule out Arsenal in this chase as personal terms said to be agreed.

In a transfer chase and talks you do not sit down and agree personal terms with several clubs and as long as Arsenal have not jumped out of the move, we believe Youri Tielemans will end up at Arsenal.

Fabrizio Romano rules out a new round over contract talks with Leicester and if that was to happen other linked clubs such as Juventus, Tottenham and Manchester United would say they were no longer interested.

West Ham and Newcastle are said to be watching on as they also are keen on Youri Tielemans. With those two clubs as only options we would believe Youri Tielemans and his representatives would rather sit down with Leicester and negotiate a new contract.

TCF believed this move would have been settled a long time ago, but tactical moves from The Emirates and other transfers easier to get over the line were getting their priority as we do see them strengthening their squad.

So far no signings in the category of Youri Tielemans are made as other signings do not looks much like the Belgian international. We might have to wait another two or three weeks before the situation regarding Youri Tielemans is solved, but to see him staying on at Leicester gets the lowest odds.


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