Leicester move confirmed but still no deals on the table as this transfer window looks to be difficult

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Southampton did confirm that their chief of recruitment Martyn Glover had left and joined Leicester. So far no confirmation from our club, but this has been a signing we all are waiting on.

So far in this transfer window little or nothing has happened at Leicester and the only we know is that the club is keen on getting a number of deals done.

Of course the presence of Martyn Glover will be important and with no Lee Congerton at the club anymore, Brendan Rodgers and Jon Rudkin are the two running the show.

So far Leicester are sitting on the fence, but hopefully a few moves will appear before we kick the season off, but it could also go a number of games before everything is settled.

Leicester are seen as front runners in some transfer chases and of course to have the chief of recruitment in place will be of importance as Brendan Rodgers and Jon Rudkin are probably more busy with other affairs planning pre-season and getting the in shape.


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