Leicester not eager to sell players far from valuation as Youri Tielemans move looks on setting his house up for sale

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The squad present in Evian adding Kasper Schmeichel to the list would be seen as the strongest ever. Despite all that quality you will still regard it all as frustrating. To have so many quality footballers at one place without being able to offer them regular first team football.

Moves could happen but as long as Leicester are not willing to go below their limit and valuation of the player a sale will not be considered.

The only move that looks close to completion is Youri Tielemans and we still believe Arsenal is his preferred option. But if Leicester can get £40million for the player and sell him to Newcastle or Man Utd they will just be listening to Arsenal if they are up and ready to pay an amount as high as the other clubs are willing to pay.

News are that Youri Tielemans has his house up for sale. That would be an indication of a move happening but still no certainty in where he will move. Tielemans him self has joined the group of players at the training camp in Evian and prepares as usual.

A number of other players are seen in the rumour mill at this moment but as said above most of them, counting out Tielemans, are soft and to our knowledge no bids are placed for any Leicester player at this point, or been tabled since those interested knows the asking price and how Leicester negotiate and are seen as hard to battle as we also have seen in the past.

Football and preperations might be hampered as you drag out a possible departure, and if that suits the club and Brendan Rodgers is ok with about 10 to 11 players being seen as possible moves out, then ok, but all in all, it looks difficult for everyone to have such uncertainty inside a camp.

Earlier said and at this moment Leicester are the only club in Premier League not to have made one single signing and we do not have any clear indication of anything at present.

Media channels of different sorts do link Leicester with certain players but looking at the text it looks far more obvious that these players will move elsewhere. Bednarek, Tavernier and Dzeko are the latest to be linked but we regard all of them as cold in our fresh and new update on rumours.

Brendan Rodgers might be eager to do changes but at this point he looks a bit in the wilderness regarding his priorities and as time just runs out in the sand players previously seen as targets are now finding new clubs, the latest on the list is Nathan Collins who was presented as a new Wolves signing yesterday.


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