Leicester said to play “ultra” as 120 minutes vs. Leuven will be the base to be able to give players more minutes

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Fans love to see a good game of football, but this is the first time we have seen an “ultra” arrangement even without a draw at full time. The game is said to be 30 minutes longer than a real football match and can it then count as a proper game.

Leicester played Notts County at the previous weekend and as Magpies took this seriously it looked as if Brendan Rodgers didn’t. He was more interested in players getting minutes than buildig confidence and put the game to bed early on.

As a fan you look forward to pre-season football as it will give you a number of indications on tactical moves, new players, player formations and more. But to get anything out of a game lasting 120 minutes, with possibly 30 plus players involved you just see this becoming a type of excercise with kits.

As a preperation you understand, but it will not be a proper game as 120 minutes makes a special act. The game will be played in two regular halfs with another 30 minutes added.

You can of course follow all 120 minutes from the official website on Saturday, but still not really a football game as a new “ultra” challenge is on.


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