Not yet 100% convinced but it looks as heavy steps are taken, Sevilla game the final test before Brentford

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Most Leicester fans did last season take Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall to their hearts and really loved what they experienced as a young local player made his breakthrough after making his Premier League debut early on in the season vs. Norwich.

Looks like ages ago as his presence has been heavy given special trust from Brendan Rodgers but still not yet convinced everyone he is the solution to call on when the going gets tough and the tough get going.

Looking at him over a long period of time and how he has progressed from the development team and on to becoming a top performer is a journey not yet finished as Brendan Rodgers needs to see him being more involved in the finishing and setting up players with assists and special calls.

During pre-season we have seen some very interesting progress as KDH know looks to have taken huge steps and doing what he did at Luton and also as a steady performer in the development team. To evolve from one stage to another is what is expected but also the most difficult in football.

The key for Brendan Rodgers is to get the midfield area as balanced as possible and alongside James Maddison and Bouba Soumare we have seen a special combination. Last season alongside Youri Tielemans the two looks to be trying to do a similar job and none of them did really come out as good as we would like to see them.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is a player that has a special engine, he is also playing through balls at this time and covering space and looks almost ideal in this set up. We will certainly see Wilfred Ndidi back in the team but as we have experienced Bouba Soumare lately he looks to have found some type of understanding with KDH that seems to be unique.

Soumare and KDH are both young players who do have special skills and together it all looks perfect as the two also doing jobs making James Maddison getting the freedom he loves to have as the two younger men are fitting the pattern, fantastic to watch.

Football and especially midfield positions in the modern game is so important and the jobs set together is a clever act. Brendan Rodgers looks to have found a special blend that could work wonders. The key is to get the players to be doing what comes natural and have others being ideal as they bring the team to another level. We did see this in 2015/16 when a pattern of play almost became telepathic.

We have not yet seen the best of Bouba Soumare but it looks as if he is ready to step up and alongside KDH the two are a perfect fit.


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