Leicester used to leaving it late as moves for Cambiasso and Kantè comes to mind in previous transfer windows

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Nigel Pearson and Claudio Ranieri both had to wait into the late hours of previous transfer windows to get the signatures from Esteban Cambiasso and Ngolo Kantè.

Cambiasso joined the group after the season start and his presence became pivotal during a time that helped the club in many ways as Cambiasso left a gap filled by N’Golo Kantè.

Claudio Ranieri had seen a number of signings coming in as they looked all lined up before the Italian became manager but his key signing left it rather late.

Pre-season is still on and we have seen nice progression. TCF do not worry much even without any new recruits as this unit looks the best ever, of course getting one or two out and seeing one or two coming in would be good.

At this point we do have a few names on a list but they are all players not really material to just go straight into a team full of proven internationals. Fans need to understand that Leicester at this moment have the best squad ever to have played for this football club.

We certainly hope we will not add players to the squad that does not deserve to be here and the club must be very carefull with the players they have under contract. To push certain buttons trying to force players out will of course spread like fire and could hammer the club if that happens.

Fans can often be impatient with certain signings with a high price tag and give them a hard time as we did see with Ade Akinbiyi a few years back, not really helping anyone as he never came to a level needed to convince us all about his performance level.

Please do have respect for all players at the club at present as they are proven professionals and some also grand heroes in their home countries. At present the club has been signing players they are not in need off with a certain cap on numbers set by Premier League and having them on deals few or no other club would be willing to pay.


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