New arrival Kasper Schmeichel welcomed in Nice together with signings from Juventus and CSKA Moscow

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Sadly and surprisingly one of the most experienced players in the Leicester squad, Kasper Schmeichel was yesterday confirmed sold from Leicester to Nice for a fee of €1million.

TCF did not see this coming so soon and had expected the loyal first team goalkeeper to be staying at least out his contract period and we also thought that a one year extension would follow next summer.

Moves in football happen and they can come faster than lightening. To leave Premier League action for Ligue 1 looks also odd but if the bloke is happy we do hope he will get the best out of his years left in the game.

The reception at Nice yesterday was fantastic as they also had newly arrivals Aron Ramsey from Juventus and Alexis Beka Beka from CSKA Moscow on show.

Again strange to see Kasper in other jerseys than Denmark and Leicester, but still as a first team alternative at his club he has a lot to look forward to as they will be competing on all stages next season.

His father Peter Schmeichel did regret his decision of leaving Manchester United and later returned to England to play for Aston Villa and Manchester City. We certainly hope that Kasper has not made the wrong decision, but again wish him well for the future.


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