Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall progress makes promising future as Leicester continues to develop young players

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Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall was surprisingly substituted in the latter and important minutes against Brentford, something Brendan Rodgers also did vs. Southampton in the last game of the prior season.

This time Patson Daka came on, against Saints it was Ayoze Perez who made his entrance. The trick did work out fantastic in the 4-1 win as Perez scored twice, this time Brendan Rodgers was not as lucky, but again KDH made his mark early on with a fantastic goal.

To see a local player moving up and turning into a first team regular is the ultimate progress plan in football. But still it is a difficult act to follow. We have seen promising starts from several prospect turning into slides down the tiers of different reasons.

This is of course to do with team performances and other players making their mark and ready to step in and take those positions. After watching KDH in the development side over many years and getting good reports on his loans at Blackpool and Luton, last season gave hope of a platform steady enough to build a presence forward making KDH one to trust as games in this massive competition comes around week in and week out.

KDH is also one with a special asset in his game, being left footed. His shot vs. Brentford was one fantastic and he has that ability and as we earlier had doubts about him in Premier League action we have seen over pre-season the work done by the coaching staff and how he has build his game.

KDH played most of the pre-season in a role that suits him well, having James Maddison further up the field and a defensive midfielder such as Wilfred Ndidi or Papy Mendy covering the defensive part, giving KDH the space to work in those other ereas going forward and having that possibility.

Youri Tielemans and Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall is not the best party in a midfield area as both likes to go forward and you will not be able to bring all assets to the table as they will do a bit of a similar job and in a way stop their natural skills to flourish as much as we would love them to.

To see KDH taken off against Brentford was a blow as his ethics in football is brilliant, his stats are starting to show us all what a top player he can turn out to be and of course the fact that he loves this football club like a fan and is a fan, makes him special in every way.

We do believe that Leicester can give space to him and let him fill that midfield role we all would see being absent if Youri Tielemans leave and build a structure with him Wilfred Ndidi and James Maddison in a perfect midfield set up.


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