Leicester to show new class in recruitment as finished articles no longer can rule as transfer solutions

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Over the past two decades TCF have seen signings come and go at Leicester, looking at it in perspective the club needs to find back to a structure that will not risk the club from stopping doing business. Jorgen Strand-Larsen from Groningen and Jens Petter Hauge of Eintracht Frankfurt are both names to look at.

There are also other Scandinavian candidates to have a view on such as AIK Stockholm defender Axel Bjornstrom. AIK Stockholm is currently 4th in Swedish Allsvenskan with Bjornstrom a good addition this season coming in from Arsenal Tula.

They are not the obvious signings but players who would take their next level fast and with their vision and football understanding soon to be picked up. We have seen a certain Graham Potter masterminding his Brighton team targeting the far from obvious recruits and selling them on for fees you would believe was totally impossible in such little time.

Leicester need to build a strategy and structure based on local recruitment and shrewd business in lower leagues and from a lower shelf abroad as they jump hurdles over the obvious and goes back to attracting players that will be happy to sit out one or maybe two seasons, not making complains or getting frustrated, before they make their full brake in the first team.

Ademola Lookman recently signed a deal with Atalanta as use of £15million of a fringe alternative would not be ideal for recruitment at Leicester. This should address a certain wake up call as the lively winger made a certain impact last season, without really being a steady first team starter.

The club needs to carefully look at their act in transfers as the Jamie Vardy’s, Ngolo Kante’s and Marc Albrighton’s are a key reason for the clubs success in previous years and to fall into a trap of overlooking those type of talents in the game, might be seen as a problem.

David Mills is a long serving football scout, working for Leicester in England and abroad. The former England transfer record holder, moving from Middlesbrough to West Bromwich Albion for £518.000 in 1979, is still very much involved as we hope he can be looking for the moves that we all would like to see.

Looking at Nice who recently signed Kasper Schmeichel and Aaron Ramsey is a bit similar to Leicester in a French perspective, but still are not attracted to sign expensive players as they compete in Europe, challenge for trophies and shows great promise.

We have earlier described players from a shelf of European football that could be seen as possible Leicester additions as a perfect squad balance is set. This was a bit of trademark for Leicester over the past seasons as they often made perfect signings.

We hopefully will see a change in this approach with new head of recruitment Martyn Glover coming in and as we all know a former assistant of Steve Walsh at Everton and seen as one with a good eye as his work at Southampton was very impressive.


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