Fofana and Tielemans update as Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd are said to be lining up bids to land their prospects

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Leicester looks to the future and it could be without Youri Tielemans and Wesley Fofana as the two are likely to leave the club before the transfer window close.

Reports from London are red hot as the two might trigger transfer fees that would see them securing their future. Leicester have not yet done any signings of this transfer window and according to Brendan Rodgers not likely to do anything either.

But as we all know from past transfer windows Leicester are clever in their negotiations taking nothing from those buyers making bids for their best assets. The previoius sales for Mahrez, Chilwell and Maguire made the cash that gave the club a chance to build further and bring the squad to a level that made them able to fight for both silverware and top four finishing.

Looking at the past it shows the policy and how Leicester moves makes them able to compete with the very best. Youri Tielemans must be described as the biggest surprise in the starting line-up vs. Brentford as we all would have expected him to have left for another club at this time.

Arsenal are seen as the most likely destination, but with the menace result at Old Trafford in the season opener vs. Brighton, Erik ten Hag might be eager to get Youri Tielemans in and Leicester could get the £40million they are waiting for.

Chelsea are in need of more solid additions in the back and if they are willing to go above and in the region of £80million we might see a move of Wesley Fofana. But still Leicester would be far from adding players on as their tally of first team players are far above 25.

As a football club going forward being able to attract good players you cannot have a reputation as we have seen in the past bringing in players of great European standard and just placing them on a lawn for half a season, as previous episodes with Papy Mendy and Adrien Silva are in the open.

Professional football is of course a money carousel but not just that as those players are looking for deals making them progress and getting games that will see them progress and being wanted. Leicester are in a bit of trouble as the tally of players and a squad a bit out of balance will see them both less attractive and of course restricted from adding more bodies.


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